HER LOVER SHORT STORY MAXIM GORKY A L E X E I M A X I M O V I C H P E S H K O V, P R I M A R I LY K N O W N A S M A X I M G O R K Y, WA. PDF | This paper debates three views in Maxim Gorky’s short story Her Lover. The first one is human loneliness, lack of communication. Her Lover. A Story. by Maxim Gorky. An acquaintance of mine once I lived on the top flight and her garret was opposite to mine. I never left my door open when .

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That’s why we want to be considerate of every man— Who knows what’s in him, why he was born and what he can do? I remained with a very unpleasant feeling in my mind. And I felt so sick, so miserable, so ashamed, somehow.

Her Lover by Maxim Gorky

I saw that her face was confused and supplicatory And I felt so sick, so miserable, so ashamed, somehow. Very moving and shows what lengths some will do to kill their loneliness.

And one morning Hdr was sprawling on my couch, trying to find some sort of excuse for not attending my class, when her door opened, and the bass voice of Teresa the loathsome resounded across the hall: Am I then not a human creature like the rest of them?

The fallen classes, we say. You wrote me maxiim letter to Macim and I gave it to someone else to read it to me and when they gofky it to me I listened and fancied that Boles was there: The student realizes how unemphatic and unjust he was in denying her something as simple a bit of comforting illusion.

Her Lover is not just a warning about the fact that we shouldn’t judge others too harshly, it’s just a testament to human loneliness, it’s also a reminder that there is always more than we see. Jul 19, Ivana Books Are Magic rated it really liked it. Cannot I, a girl, have a young man?


Maxim Gorky’s “Her Lover.”

I fixed my eyes upon her, and tried to make out which of us was taking leave of his or her senses. I was bored; the weather was dirty. She is tallish, powerfully built, having dark brown hairs, black bushy eyebrows, thick masculine voice, she walks like a cabman and she has immense muscular figure, which inspired the narrator with horror.

It is all as old as lovsr hills–so old that it is a shame to speak of it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 13, Godky rated it really liked it Shelves: Will you, sir, write a letter to this Teresa?

One day she asks her neighbor, Mr. She, Teresa, is living in a rooming house and visits her next door neighbour, a student, to write her a letter as she herself is illiterate.

She really is isolated. She followed, and said in an offended tone: Gorky’s writing was very simple and easy to follow. The spinster in Hitchcock’s ‘Rear window’ would have been apt for this story. And we, wrapped round in rags of our virtues, and regarding others through the mist of our self-sufficiency, and persuaded of our universal impeccability, do not understand this.

Troy Farlow rated it it naxim amazing Jan 16, The student realises that he has misjudged her – and writes letters for he from that time on, until she is put in prison some 3 months later. Occasionally, I saw her drunk, with bleary eyes, tousled hair, and a particularly hideous grin. Suspecting Teresa is playing him for a fool, the students gets mad and scolds her. After a week, she again asks Mr. I was sitting at my window whistling and thinking of some expedient for enabling me to get away from myself.

Gormy she explained, still offended. I must say that I quite liked this story, brief as it was. At this point I shall ignore it ’cause it doesn’t really matter.


And who are the fallen classes, I should like to know? And we actually listen–and the devil only knows how hideous the whole thing is. And in return for my thus moving her to tears by real letters from the imaginary Boles, she began to mend the holes I had in my socks, shirts, and other articles of clothing.

So Gorky has excluded her from the possibility of friendship lovef ‘decent’ people and from the love of a ‘good’ man. She leaped from her seat, came towards me with flashing eyes, and laying her hands on my gotky, began to whisper, or rather to hum in her peculiar bass voice: She was a Pole, and they called her Teresa. I thought it over, and resolved to go to her, and, inviting her to come in here, write everything she wanted. Did he go deeper to analyze her psychology and behaviour?

Or are we completely depraved by the loud sermonizing of humanism? Trivia About Her Lover. The student then, instead of despising her feels sorry for this lonely woman and repents misjudging her.

To me though, Teresa’s loneliness is not conquered by her fantasy being brought to life with the letters, it is conquered by the approval and empathy of the person who reads the letters to her. Well written and paced, with a good contrast of humour and sadness, it is a successful short story.

Others will write for me. I wrote those answers well Since that time, the narrator wrote a letter to Boles twice a week, and an answer from Boles to Teresa.