Heliodisplay – Engineering Seminar. Heliodisplay. INTRODUCTION. Even though modern technology has invested millions, even billions, into projection screen. Aknowldgement 2 Heliodisplay Seminar Report 13 Dept. of Electronics ELDHOSE GEORGE 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Motivation is a driving. 11/3/ Seminar topic on Heliodisplay 2; 3. Introduction • Hi-Tech projector that displays pictures in the air. • An interactive free space display.

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Even though modern technology has invested millions, even billions, into projection screen technology, high definition projectors, and even projectors for our cell phones, we have forgotten that we will always need something to project on. Advertising and Hdliodisplay, e. Heliodispllay preferred embodiment of the invention extracts moisture from the surrounding air 22 through a heat pump extraction device 1utilizing solid-state components such as thermoelectric TEC modules, compressor-based dehumidification systems or other means of creating a thermal differential resulting in condensation build-up for subsequent collection.

The Heliodisplay seminar report transforms water into a unique heliodisplay seminar report of fine vapour, suspended in mid-air to create a nearly invisible screen into which any image can be projected. The only place that would not be taken is the spaces that people walk through. Again, we are back with latest project ideas for Mechanical Engineering. The processing unit 6receives these signals, interprets them and sends instructions to graphics board 7which generates video signal 8which is sent to an image generating means 9produc ing a still or video image.

Heliodisplay images are easily viewed in an office environment. This curtain is sandwiched between curtains of clean air to create an acceptable screen.

A well-established method solving this constraint is by projection onto heliodidplay invisible surface that inherently possesses a true spatially perceived image location; yet prior art method s rendered poor image fidelity.

The surface can be viewed from arbitrary viewpoints with proper eye accommodation since each point of light has a real origin in 3D. In order to resolve this visual limitation, the image and its perceived location must coincide spatially.

Heliodisplay projects still images or dynamic images, text or information data onto an invisible to near-invisible particle cloud screen surface. The Heliodisplay only requires a standard power outlet and a video source i.

It has the same basic specifications as the M2 but is said to be much quieter, with improved brightness and clarity and more stable operation with an improved tri-flow system. Conventional displays have the benefit of being enclosed in solid frame or case with lights shining directly towards the audience.


Light beyond the frequency response bandwidth of the sensor is ignored or minimized, diminishing background interference and recognizing only intentional input The display can create a true 3D hologram effect when the right content is used. The Heliodisplay transforms water into a unique screen of fine vapour, suspended in heliodisplay seminar report to create a nearly invisible screen into which any image can be projected. A bright and clear image can thus be obtained in daylight conditions, while the display is transparent from the opposite side.

Varying the projected illumination intensity and cloud density can further attenuate the image transparency and opacity, a function not possible with existing displays.

Perspecta is a true 3D display capable of showing a 3D object perceived when simply walking around the display; the M2 displays a 2D image in midair, creating the illusion of depth. Like any rear projection system, the images are best seen within 70 degrees to either side. The focus and controlled illumination intensity onto the overall cloud, allow the individual spheres to act as lenses, transmitting and focusing light at highest intensity on-axis, whereby the viewer views the image at its brightest and clearest.

Heliodisplay projections are suspended in thin air, so you will notice some waviness to the screen stability and the intensity and heliodisplay seminar report of the image is subject to ambient light conditions and optimisation of display settings.

Heliodisplay Published on Dec 12, Other variations include extracting elements from the ambient air such as nitrogen or oxygen, as well as other gases, to manufacture supercooled gases or liquids by expansion, and as a result, create the thermal gap to generate the condensate cloud material.


The extracted condensate is stored in a storage vessel 2which can include an external connection 34for additional refilling or for operation without extraction device 1. Just as you use a mouse to move the cursor on a traditional computer monitor, you can use your finger heliodisplay seminar report move the cursor around the Heliodisplay image see: The system senses when your finger breaks through the infrared beams and interprets your movements in a way not dissimilar to a touch-sensitive screen — except there’s no screen.

However, these water screens may be large and look good if viewed from afar and on-axis.


Like any rear projection system, the images are best seen within 70 degrees to either side. Or during an open heart surgery the patients vital signs would hover above the chest.

Extraction device 1 can be divorced from the main unit to a separate location, such as over the particle cloud 5. Air comes into the device, is modified then ejected and illuminated to produce the image.

The system is compatible with most video sources currently heliodisplay seminar report. Air comes into the device, is modified then ejected and helioxisplay to produce the image. All of these technologies suffer convergence and accommodation limitations.

Perspecta is another unique display technology, developed by Actuality Systems. Press ESC to cancel. The moisture film generated by the device captures the light from the projector to helidisplay the images to take shape.

The multiple projection source of this invention has the capacity to produc e multi-imaging; were discrete images projected from various sources can each be viewed from different locations. Pictured here, Figure 1.


The M2 is about the size heliodisplya a tower desktop computer case turned on its side. The M2 projects its Heliodisplay images appear 3D when viewed from more than a few feet away because there is no physical depth reference. The curtain is heliodisplay seminat report using similar ultrasonic technology as used in foggers and comprises a number of columns of fog.

These types of transparent displays are single-sided and not penetrable.

Engineering Seminar Topics :: Seminar Paper: Heliodisplay – Engineering Seminar

The Perspecta is an enclosed device with lower resolution but with the capability to display a full 3D image and video with almost no flickering or wavering effects. It seminat as a kind of floating touch screen, making it possible to heliodispaly images projected in heliodisplay seminar report with your fingers, and can be connected to a computer heliocisplay a standard VGA connection.

The darker the room, the better is the result. Viewing any type of display in direct sunlight is almost impossible and also applies to the Heliodisplay.

A user can navigate the forest by using a tracked wireless joystick to control their velocity and direction.

The Heliodisplay connects to a computer at least: