Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute HECA INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART-ICAO RNP RWY 05R · HECA INSTRUMENT . ILS RWY 05C CAT II ILS RWY 05C A. RNP RWY 05C VOR RWY 05C Runway 05L. ILS OR LOC RWY 05L RNP RWY 05L 7. Jan. Licensed to Cipher. Printed on 18 Jan Notice: After 28 Jan Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc J E P P E S E N.

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I strongly feel that the speed is not the main issue in the situation. This point is actually after ITT Book your slot now: Both of these two points CAI05 and ITT55 are on one line and there might chatts time for accepting the localizer first and glide slope after that.

We wish everyone lots of fun and a good start in the new month! Certainly true, but as Frank eluded to, most flight simmers would be surprised charrs know this type of thing happens with the real FMSs as well not just the ones in the Airbust but many different types and when it does occur the people use either the heading mode or hand fly the approach.

– Airport Charts for Flight Simulator Pilots

Most important of those doubts was how the yeca is actually interpreting the charts? I know this is not exactly the answer you where hoping for. We’ll be waiting for you! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You’ll need to download the iapoth.

  LTC 9215 00 PDF

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I did create a video, however it was 1. If kts is still too fast chaets could also try a slower speed to make the turn tighter. Following such it enters into an angle of app. The plane than has to fly to D5. Tried several times after Frank gave me his first advice, but unfortunately could not manage without changing the path. Because it was not modeled correctly. Sign up for a new account in our community. There is nothing wrong with published charts, but with their interpretation by the FMC.

Thank you in advance!

If you have questions about these changes, feel free to contact us at privacy[at] vatsim. What it says is that the plane should fly on ft till reaching CAI D1.

All this is very good to be true, as every theory from similar sort. One of the problems in this case is that the decel point the magenta D lies in the intercept turn. I just flew the procedure with the latest beta.


Hi Frank, Thank you for the answer. Everything up to CAI 05 is as per the chart. Light Up the Middle East. Register a new account. EGvACC urges all pilots to update their sceneries to have all 3 runways available in their simulators.

Summarizing all the above, I feel that following can be concluded:.


We obviously are coming step by step to what I was trying to say in all my previous posts and mainly to find the reason for it. So the good news is that the Prof version will fly it but the old v1. The bug will be eventually corrected in the future pro version. Routes, bookings are available in https: You can fly the procedure in heading mode like Dave did. What I think and correct me, if I am wrong is that the main reason for missing the approach is how the navigation computer interprets the chart.

The altitude iswhich is OK. Even in real life, you can’t always expect the FMS to draw such an approach correctly.

If someone has them or knows where I can obtain them, I would appreciate it if you chatts pass the information along. I agree with Frank that a slower speed or knots would be far better for what appears to be only a 1. Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site’s best features, including downloading files and posting messages.

Arm the approach mode when turning final and when intercepting the GS push the speedknob on the FCU to get managed speed again and directly thereafter select gear down.