Heart of Nightfang Spire (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure, 10th Level) [Bruce Cordell, Bruce R. Cordell] on *FREE *. Heart of Nightfang Spire (3e) – From Temple to Tomb Nightfang Spire has long brooded in lonely silence, shadowed within the walls of a steep. RPG ITEM: Heart of Nightfang Spire Overall Quality: The Product – This is the 5th entry into the Sunless Citadel Adventure Path series.

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Originally Posted by Quasqueton. Dark Sun Dark Sun: As much as I liked elements of it, I have sspire say “no. Join Date Mar Location Far from the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes, and high upon a craggy hill. Reset Fields Log in. Erin rated it really liked it Jun 16, It got a little better down under but ouch, this one was a real stinker.

Heart of Nightfang Spire

When victims are overcome, a rootlike tuber grows up through the soil and parasitically attaches to its new host. The Scouring of the Land. Insidious growth, called blightvine, grows like ivy along the ground and on the walls.


Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Trade Paperback Page Count: Robert Jazo rated it liked it Jun 07, The Keep of Shadowfell and Thunderspire Labrynth. They made memorable foes. Search form Search this site. Retrieved from ” https: Heart of Nightfang Spire: James Herrmann rated it it was amazing Dec 06, A tall stone column, it resembles nothing so much as an enormous fang of some vanished, mythical beast.

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I need help updating the Heart of Nightfang Spire! I’ll be watching this very closely Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. The selection below offers a glimpse into how the player characters can begin their explorations of this dangerous and deadly tower. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. A tall stone column, it resembles nothing so much as an enormous fang of some heaart, mythical beast.

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D&D Excerpt: Heart of Nightfang Spire

Once, a fervent religious order thrived here–before its god was slain. Islands of the Undead Legion.


Ross Kirkendoll rated it liked it Jun 19, Dowie rated it liked it Aug 07, Scott Andrews rated it liked it Apr 05, Heart of Nightfang Spire Abbreviation: You can help by adding to it. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: A glance into the shadowed interior reveals several humanoid forms a total of fourteen, if anyone specifically counts them lying facedown in the loose earth, as well as two coyotes, three vultures, and numerous small vermin.

The scent is accompanied by a dim melody, impossible to place, that haunts the ossuary’s interior.

Jesse VanDeWalker rated it really liked it Dec 11, Neverwinter Raids – Kobold Cave 1.