La magnitud del terremoto que en asoló la ciudad japonesa de Kobe, y que se cobró más de cinco mil vidas, inspiró a Haruki Murakami seis impactantes. Después del Terremoto has ratings and reviews. Emily said: My favorite Murakami short story of all time is The Kidney Shaped Stone That Mov. Buy Despues del terremoto Barcelona by Haruki Murakami (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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All of this is told via the eyes of a rather diffident debt collector who may, or may not, have imagined the whole thing. And of course “Honey Pie” is now terremlto second favorite Murakami story of all time. I could never live with this man, she thought. I love the ending so much, I re-read it for few times. Each unique story of After the Quake restores broken human connections.

Despues Del Terremoto (spanish Edition) by Haruki Murakami | eBay

Most of the stories have a lot of layers within them. Usually I prefer longer novels and end up struggling to finish short story compilations, but this was not the case here.

Okay, I am still a Murakami fan but this book does not have what I used to love about his writing. The stories are multilayered and can be read multiple times. After the Quake 1 1 Sep 19, When I loaded this book on my kindle, I had no expectations whatsoever; sure, I knew that I would be tossed into a world that would make me topsy-turvy, in a world where nothing seemed to make sense, where the situations defied logic, and where practically anything was plausible.


Tal como dijo Nietzsche: View muarkami 9 comments.

Some of his novels take their titles from songs: Another excellent collection of stories from this writer who never fails to surprise and to make me think about my muurakami place in the world and the way in which I choose to lead my life. The Earthquake Man signifies an evil creature who would want to do precisely the opposite.

Soy incapaz de hacerlo. Habe drei der Geschichten gelesen, sind irgendwie alle nicht so mein Fall.

Después del Terremoto by Haruki Murakami (4 star ratings)

I didn’t realise this book was a series of short stories until I opened it and started reading. I have now read enough Murakami Haruki to say with absolute certainty that I do not like him.

Sputnik Sweetheart 5 stars.

View all 17 comments. Sometimes some of his stuff is more appealing to me than others, but I’m blown away overall at his talent and prolificness. The stories touch on the Kobe earthquake in one way or another, and most of them revolve around these things: The stories also deal with PSTD by focusing on the effect the disaster has had from which even year old Sala is not spared as she wakes up at night crying after being threatened by the Earthquake Man of being stuffed in a little box.

Then the right hand pulled in, poked around at the back, and came out again. Murakami makes use of Magical Realism by introducing a character like the Frog who is a real frog and has come naruki save Japan from another impending earthquake. Great questions, some answers, and lovely writing throughout.


Junko leaned towards him so that their shoulders were just touching. I expected to despuess enthralled again by his thoughts, words and characters. The writing is very straight forward. Pero, por lo mhrakami respecta a los sentimientos de las mujeres, tienes la sensibilidad de un ahogado.

None of the protagonists in any of the stories suffer terremto any loss in this earthquake.

For those of you who’re fans of Haruki Murakami ‘s type of fantasy, you could probably find some of it in each story. It is straightforward I don’t get Murakami.

Después del Terremoto

After the Quake, by Haruki Murakami. Some authors are plagued with the fear that they have no talent, that they’re charlatans who’ve been bluffing their way through the literary world and that someday they’ll be exposed as frauds.

Sayoko turned her head just a bit, and the left hand came out holding a white bra—a small one with no wires.