Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes has 60 ratings and 2 reviews. Lauraloves said: I downloaded this book back in as I am a huge fan of the. AND THE CHAMBER OF CHEESECAKES This is a preview of Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes. It contains the first six chapters. A hysterical parody of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. In this farce the Harry Potter characters, places, and past events have been twisted around with.

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Return to Book Page. Their job was to keep the other kids from running in the hall, fighting in the hall, smoking in the purter, kissing in the halls, or starting food fights in the Great Eatery.

Many that they visit become uncomfortable when they notice their skeletal hands and the black hoods that hide their numbskulls. They would try to trick her into “saving” their lives, thereby hoping to force their unwanted service upon her.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. All the neighborhood kids stayed far away from 4 Privy Drive even though Uncle Vermin had a swimming pool installed in the backyard in April. Had food been served, he would have been covered with it. Apparently, his way of keeping Harry calm about the trial was to pace around saying over and over, “What are we going to do?

Ron was holding a gigantic squid, with tentacles wrapped around him. The child fell, hitting his forehead on the corner of the crib, leaving an “L”-shaped wound. It was instantly settled, Harry would meet them on their first weekend trip to Hogsbreath.

Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes by Timothy R. O’Donnell

He was clearly at that awkward teenage phase. She looked like she would keep a house just so. I had a look on Goodreads about this book and it seems that its a very Marmite book, either it has 1 star or 5 star reviews not a lot in between and I have to say I am firmly in the camp of 1 star, I just didnt like it at all and was quite disappointed by it.


Why it was almost the end of summer, and they still hadn’t managed to stop sending the automatic warning notices by goat post. This summer was still the bane of his existence. Uncle Vermin was a large neckless man, with a purple complexion that made him look like he was long overdue puttrr a massive heart attack. Some were difficult chores like, laundry, dishes, washing cars, scrubbing floors, sweeping chimneys, etc.

Others were more menial, such as brushing Mudley’s hair, plucking Uncle Vermin’s nose hairs, or massaging Aunt Hachooie’s bunioned feet. She was very old fashioned in her thoughts and her appearance. Baggage was anf loaded into baggage cars. Finally saying aloud in disbelief to no one but himself, “School has been canceled?

They argued about Free-Elves. I literally cried out in anger. Harry stood alone and unnoticed for a moment in the entrance to the Great Eatery. Grumblesnore was being relieved of his duties because of the danger the Chamber of Tje Dairy Deserts represented to the student body, and most of all for his ineptitude in locating the chamber and closing it forever.

Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes – Timothy O’Donnell – Google Books

They had discovered the secret to Farthard’s success. Qnd heard voices coming his way, lutter panicking, he threw the launcher over some nearby bushes, where it landed on Bobby’s elf friend, Binky’s head. There are very few jobs that Free-Elves are willing to do, and Bobby had been very fortunate to be happily employed by the Maldoy family. When word of the trial reached him in the Department of Muddle Artifacts, he immediately rushed over to the Dirtley House. So what’s so dangerous this time?


He renewed his vows, one day, he would kill Harry Putter, and he would never eat Chinese food again. If you are a seller for this product, cheesecaoes you like to suggest updates through seller support? Harry was nervous and decided to ask for directions how to get to Platform.

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Harry suddenly wondered if he was in any danger from them. Suzanne usually just laughed or inserted her own silly comments, which were mostly ignored. You pleaded Not Guilty because you thought you cyamber weasel your way out it, like you did last trial! Faco glanced at Ron and did a double take. Harry’s hair was neat because he had Mudley brush it fifty-five strokes three times each day; he had a unibrow because it hurt too much when he had Mudley pluck the hairs growing between his eyebrows; and his glasses had been sat on by Hedbutt, his pet goat, that he loved more than anyone else in the world, besides himself.

There were a few angry shouts. Harry turned and noticed Mudley’s fat butt sticking out from behind the coffee table. Give him a hand with the door, Ron!

At the tables for the Athletic Jock House, students were wearing sweatpants and jerseys and busied themselves with horseplay or were talking excitedly about sport events and statistics. No wonder everyone thought he had a severe case of stupid in the head. He had already stuffed five of the chocolate slugs in his face. Faco Maldoy was of course a Popular Rich Kid.