Innis, Harold A., Empire and communications \ i~,~}. k \1.\i.. ‘i+h l”!r·,)~\_l.t rVl. I\ P;’3·\:: ,f~.rl PAPER AND THE PRINTING PRESS ;Ji! ‘Jt~j. Harold Innis: Prophet of Empire & Communications. 03Jan Photograph of Harold Innis standing among lilacs, no date Harold Innis, no date. Source. Empire and Communications examines the impact of media such as stone, clay, papyrus and the alphabet on the empires of Egypt and.

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Innis writes that the military organization anc expelled the Hyksos enabled the Egyptians to establish and expand an empire that communicqtions Syria and Palestineand that eventually reached the Euphrates. Innis makes an interesting connection between the script, the method of writing Hieroglyph, Cuneiform, alphabet and the form of an Empire created in the past. The supremacy of El pointed toward a harlld to monotheism. After beginning as an orator and a man of affairs, because of opposition he became a writer, teaching faith in the holiness of God.

Lawrence region shifted to dependence on the square timber trade. We are apt to overlook the significance of the spoken word and to forget that it has left little tangible remains. A comprehensive look at history of communications from antiquity to the 50s, when the author died.

As Watson observes, the advent of the web is eradicating margins. In fact, I’ll go further: Urukagina rescued classes of the population from the priests, restrained the lavishness of funeral rites, and made serfs free men. His investigation into communications in haorld that prospered and later collapsed, was aimed at finding answers to contemporary after First World War economic problems.

Becker [16] has stated inis the art of writing provided man with a transpersonal memory. To about B. Katie McCracken rated it it was ok Jan 17, Well argued for, with good and substancial examples, this book provides much food for thought and, as McLuhan develops these ideas, becomes a whole different way to look at contemporary clashes and events be communkcations social, political and even religious.


The printed word gained authority over the written one.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. The second of 2 classic comm. A successful empire required adequate appreciation of problems of space which were in part military and political, and of problems of time which were in part dynastic and biological and in part religious.

But the very success of the monopolies contributed to the destruction of empires. It is based on six lectures Innis delivered at Oxford University in Such conversations since Socrates had helped equip free individuals to build free societies by examining many points of view.

To his name I must add those of Professor W. The weakness of a theocratic society was shown in the invasions of the Assyrians, the Persians, and the Greeks, but its strength was evident in the periodic outbreaks against foreign domination and in the difficulties of Assyrians and Persians in attempts to establish empires in Egypt.

In this reference to the communication of attack it will be clear that we have been concerned with the use of certain tools which have proved effective in the interpretation of the [6] economic history of Canada and an British Empire. Adoption had been prevalent among the Sumerians possibly as a result of the practice of temple prostitution where the fathers were unknown, but paralleling religious prostitution Sumerian laws carefully regulated domestic life and tended to uphold the rights of individuals.

With other Semitic languages it was admirably adapted to the vivid, vigorous description of concrete objects and events.

Empire and Communications

In the Old Kingdom a strictly absolute monarch was sole legislator. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the period of the Egyptian hegemony, from about to B.

He argues that when combined with the simplicity of the alphabet, the oral tradition prevented the development of a highly specialized class of scribes and a priestly monopoly over education. We can sense its importance [7] even in contemporary civilization and we can see its influence in the great literature of the heroic age [8] of the Teutonic peoples and of Greece and in the effects [9] of its discovery in the sagas of Europe in the late eighteenth century on the literature of the north.


Brian rated it liked it Jan 26, In paying heed to these warnings I do not intend to concentrate on microscopic studies of small periods or regions in the history of the British Empire, important as these are to its understanding.

Thutmosis III gave a final blow to Hyksos power. Civil law was slowly developed with less regard to the small city-state with its laws, constitution, ruler, and god. The Pharaohs gave up their monopoly and accepted the extension of rights to the whole population. The burden of military campaigns had been evident in a weakening of administration under Esarhaddon. Actually, the word people are looking for is “bad.

In this foundational work, he traces humanity’s movement from the oral tradition of communciations cultures to the electronic media of recent times. The Persian language was written in Aramaic characters and the Pahlavi or Parthian script was created. Demands for space led to the standing of books upright on the shelves in the 14th and 15th centuries empige to the rush of library construction in the 15th century.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Signs were arranged in compartments on large tablets.

Empire and Communications –

The king was the servant and [39] not the source of law. The naturalistic conception of creation was replaced by a monotheistic interpretation of divine rule. The great gods of the fertile delta imposed their authority on the rest of Egypt and their worship coincided with the spread of political influence.

The prophets emphasized morality and the priests ritual holiness. The gods were reduced to order and in turn laws dependent on the gods. The Persians were defeated by the Greeks at Marathon in B. His epithets had great power and strength, and certain formulae were regarded as potent in the resistance to, or in the expulsion of, malicious spirits.