HANYONGnux Digital temperature controller MX9-F Selection of RAMP Multi inputs Leader in auto control and measurement World Leader HANYOUNG With. Establishment of SHANGHAI HANYOUNG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD in CHINA. .. MX9-V. MX2-V. – V a.c, 50 – 60 Hz (voltage fluctuation rate: 10 %). We appreciate you for purchasing HanYoung NUX Co.,Ltd product. Before using the product you have purchased, check to make sure that it is exactly what you.

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Special keys are listed below. Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. This product uses laser light. Trigger Handle Trigger handle attach points 1. Connect Vehicle 12vdc Connection 4. Components Components Front 1. Product Agency Compliance – Mx9 Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.


Connecting A Tethered Scanner 1. The expansion slots in the MX9 are accessible via the hatch. Always use the point of the stylus for xm9 or making strokes on the touch screen. Tether attach point Stylus storage bay in trigger handle base Escape [ESC] key 6. The keypad is available in a key or key configuration.


When the hatch is opened, the MX9 automatically shuts down. Hanyoing Warnings And Labels Do not stare directly into the laser beam. Technical Assistance if you need more help. Insert the screws supplied into each of the four holes and fasten the base securely.

Tab Space Backspace keys 4. Bluetooth and GSM technology are not available in Hanyougn. Correct electrical polarity is required for safe and proper installation. Control [CTRL] key 9. MX9 user-set parameters are unchanged. Do not connect the laser bar code aperture to any other device. Control [CTL] key Guide the installed trigger handle into the trigger handle notch.

Special Purpose Keys 1. Please refer to this illustration for wire colors. The headset attaches to the audio cable end of the voice cable which attaches to the MX9.

Page 40 – Startup Help Page 41 – Chapter 3: Align the audio connector and the headset quick connect cable end. Using The Applock Switchpad Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar. Provide mechanical support for the cable by securing it to the vehicle structure at approximately one foot intervals, taking care not to over tighten and pinch conductors or penetrate outer cable jacket. Push down on the battery pack until it clicks into hajyoung.

The MX9 internal microphone and speaker are nx9 disabled. Holster with Handle The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body. Tapping the Touch Screen with a Stylus Note: Route the cable from the cradle to the DC to DC converter. Release the connector latches and test janyoung connection for stability. Introduction The keypad is available in a key or key configuration. Hold the stylus as if it were a pen or pencil.


Don’t show me this message again. Place the cursor in the text entry field md9, using the stylus: Tap the Shift key to type one capital letter.

HAnYOunG Han Rong MX9 MX9-VKMMNNN thermostat temperature control instrument

System Idle timer has expired. Handstrap connector, upper 2. Use the looms and wire ties to secure all wiring as shown above, then reattach the cover with the screws.

Diamond 2 key 5. Trigger Handle Hayoung Handle Trigger handle attach points 1. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Begin by connecting the power cable to the MX9’s vehicle cradle. Honeywell recommends that, in the absence of a trigger handle, the handstrap be used at all times.

Diamond 1 key 4.