The title say it all – I’m looking for a copy (electronic if possible) of the user manual for a XB-2 in English. Hammond-Suzuki have it for download. How to fix loose keys on the XB-2 manual. jackets from Hammond and do it yourself, or pay. SERVICE MANUAL. XB-2, XB-Sn. CAUTION! see safety notice inside. J. May, HAMMOND SUZUKT, LTD. frt\(\ont.i\c On vse. 60\o\. Scan by Manual.

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I have no sound output at all even the headphone socket. Sorry, you may not use your Hammond swell pedal anymore. Your settings would and probably should!

Hammond XB2 Manuals

Have you worked or know about the protocol of the signaling waveforms between the keyboard and motherboard of the XB2? The display will show the drawbar settings, and if you press the “Record” button by itself, a numeric representation of the drawbar setting will come up.

I finally got around to experimenting with the XB2’s internal trim pots. May 2, at Unpleasant results will occur when the modulated signal is fed to an external rotary cabinat or Leslie simulator.


Maual the EQ I’m able to remove most all of the XB-2’s shrillness and substantially fatten up the low end and low mids, which gets me much closer to my favorite B3 tone. Originally posted by Mr. That’s why I always have both. Reverb Program Options The EQ lets me get this tone surprisingly easily.

Please use caution and common sense. I’m not sure, but I suspect that cutting highs ie: After the Review is a list of features found in the version 2 ROM.

XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual – KeyboardPartner Wiki

Table Of Contents Split Octave Select But there are songs that seem to demand a sustaining instrument – organ, strings, pads, etc. Listening back to some manuak the recordings I’ve made of my performances with various bands the last few years, I have realized something.

How to adjust the internal pots on the XB-2?

I strongly recommend getting a constant-Q EQ. Both are routed through the internal Amp overdrive, controlled by the Amp gain pot.

Presets And Patches Yes there are a lot of songs that demand piano, but just as many demand organ. Split Lm Cancel Data Chart I feel that the biggest deal here is the enhancements to percussion. If you get lost, send me e-mail and I’ll send you my default settings, but they may be different for you if your circuit board is of a different revision than mine.


The normal setting was the loudest available, yet still softer than some examples of real B3 key click I’ve heard. Is there anything or anyone you can suggest.

Grand Poobah of Posting 10k Club Registered: I suspect the floating select input on the CMOS mux was picking up enough signal from the PCB trace inductively coupled to its neighbor to trigger. I found that 15db of boost causes a bit of audible distortion with my performance rig. In Split Gate Data Chart Split Drawbar Save