Hammerhead Ranch Motel has ratings and reviews. Mike said: My GR Friend Fred Forbes commented that Serge Storms grows on you. He is correct!. There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have survived only by the dumbest fortune, hard-luck gigolos desperate to sc. Hammerhead Ranch Motel. Tim Dorsey. BUY NOW. There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have.

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The Best Books of He joined The Tampa Tribune in as a general assignment reporter. Works by Tim Dorsey. This takes place where I live and I can’t help but notice the similarities between these fictional characters and the characters I know that hang out in places eerily similar to the “fictional” ones in the book. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Dorsey makes hammerheae his gun is filled with hollow-point. Storms and his pursuit of five million dollars in cash hidden in the trunk of a car.

Serge Storms, Florida history buff and psychopath, wants his loot back, but it proves elusive.

HAMMERHEAD RANCH MOTEL by Tim Dorsey | Kirkus Reviews

The craziest of mishaps and a massive hurricane is heading towards the Hammerhead Motel. After that Stingray Shuffle the rest were kind of hit or miss Here undercover cops running sting operations on undercover cops are busted by undercover cops, runaway checkout girls turn into sex-crazed hammerhwad maniacs, and a virgin hardluck gigolo strikes out again. The quirky characters, plot twists and diversions, along with offbeat humor add up to a fantastic book that is hard to put down.

Hammerhewd sequel to Florida Roadkill. Dorsey has a clever wit and the stories within the story are truly comedic and worthy of a laugh or too, but for me, it is sort of like the Brady Bunch Movie There is a moon rock scam.


The sequel to the remarkable Florida Roadkill — an extraordinarily original novel from a new hammerjead American author — a funny, stylish, irreverent and shocking thriller.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel

Nobody writes ‘crazy psychopath’ like Tim Dorsey and nobody knows how to kill people off so frequently and in such an odd manner like Dorsey does. Tim Doresy does it again. I began somewhere around book ten and I’ve hammerheav around forward and backward since.

Not to suggest that it is all bad, but it is sort of like the author was smoking meth and up for days as he wrote it. Hammerhead Ranch Motel Click on the image below to read an excerpt. He uses the characters over and over but reserves the right to kill one in one book and bring them back in the next as if that book never occurred. Coconut Cowboy Tim Dorsey.

Mike enjoyed the first one, best, Florida Roadkill, but this one was my favorite of the bunch.

Let’s put it this way: Jun 09, Kara Prem rated it it was amazing. Jul 07, Gail Plummer-Davis rated it it was amazing. Imagine the most ridiculous Hiaasen scenes populating a whole book.

Dorsey’s bunch of loonies in Florida Roadkill. And a delightfully giddy ride it is, ending with the promise of more craziness to come. Lists with This Book. It is hilarious and deranged, but this is Florida, where a direct hit from a catastrophic hurricane is the least of your worries. Views Read Edit View history. It’s so difficult to review a story like hammdrhead because there are a million things happening at once. Zargoza’s “fall guy”, a washed-up rock musician named C.


Hammerhead Ranch Motel Serge A. Though, as its predecessors it does have its intermittent, egregious venereal episodes, just breeze over them and carry on because it is one of the funnier books I have ever read It confused me at first but once you say, it hammerhwad just another book you are fine.

And of course there is the run down, derelict riddled motel with taxidermied hammerhead sharks on its front lawn to provide just enough interest as to attract tourists to stop and take pictures out front before moving on. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat And it’s Florida, so there is a killer hurricane on its way.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel : Tim Dorsey :

Storms Detective Mahoney Johnny Vegas. Refresh and try again. Tiger Shrimp Tango Tim Dorsey. Jan 29, Greg rated it did not like it Shelves: But the plot was totally effing irrelevant to liking the book.

Serge and Zargoza finally confront each other over the money, but Country protects Serge by hammerhezd Zargoza, who dies before Serge can convince him to confess where the money is hidden. So, now we can get down to business As for the rest of you, just don’t wonder why everyone else is laughing. US First edition cover. Now, Serge moteo up the chase once more, tracking the car and its hidden money to a dilapidated motel in Tampa — the Hammerhead Ranch Motel. Floridians, those that like funny and wacky stories.