Spodoptera litura reared on different host plants and assayed against SlNPV KETAHANAN SERANGAN HAMA ULAT GRAYAK (SPODOPTERA LITURA F.). Hama Spodoptera exigua (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) merupakan hama penting pada tanaman bawang di Indonesia. Pengendalian hama ini dengan. Potensi Jamur Entomopatogen Untuk Mengendalikan Hama Ulat Grayak ( Spodoptera litura) Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Pada Tanaman Tembakau di.

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Miers, a traditional indian medicinal plant. Ontogenic growth profile vis-a-vis irradiation was studied with recording of GI at L3, pupa and adult levels in response to gamma dosages administered in L1 stage.

Sporoptera planting media were plastic pots diameter 18 cm filled with earth, two seeds per pot were planted and intensively raised. Insecticidal activity of two proteases against Spodoptera frugiperda larvae infected with recombinant baculoviruses.

Sequence analysis showed that Spodoptera Su var is highly conserved evolutionarily. Major host plants on which it thrived for maximum period were Gossypium hirsutum L.

Pengendalian hama ini dengan insektisida kimia sintetik tidak memuaskan, bahkan telah menyebabkan hama menjadi resisten.

Spodoptera litura is an economically serious and polyphagous pest in the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, indoleamine can play a vital role curtailing the abamectin toxicity in time dependent manner in S. The abundance of the parasitoids and the parasitism rate were estimated. This study consisted of three stages: In the antibiosis test, newly-hatched larvae were individualized into Petri dishes, where leaflets of the genotypes were offered over the larval stage, and the following biological parameters were assessed: Evaluations of biological effects of Pb-CVO the crude volatile oil of Piper betle leaves on the tobacco cutworm Spodoptera litura were conducted.


The predators were subsequently released on cabbage plants that were infested with healthy S. In each locality spodooptera corn plants were sampled and only larvae located in those plants were collected.

Characterization of Spodoptera litura Lepidoptera: Noctuidae are considered important. Spodopttera are larval endoparasitoids of Spodoptera litura Fabricius Lepidoptera: First report of Dolichozele koebeleiViereck, Hymenoptera: Damage on corn plants at seven and 14 days after S.

spodoptera litura larvae: Topics by

To examine this possibility, we developed temperature-based phenology model for S. Braconidae in Spodoptera frugiperda J. Influence of ionizing radiation on flight activity of F-1 progeny of sub-sterilized male moths of Spodoptera litura fabr. Zn accumulation, metallothionein and cell ultrastructure of the midgut.

Keywords Allium ascalonicum Allium litur var.

Both species preferentially parasitize early-instar S. At each mating experiment, one male was able to mate with one from three females during one night, or with two or three females during three nights. Damage to testes and effects on male reproduction were examined.

To evaluate the pesticidal activity of antifeedant, oviposition deterrent, ovicidal and larvicidal activities of benzene, dichloromethane, diethylether, ethylacetate and methanol extracts of Rivina humilis at different concentrations against agricultural polyphagous pest Spodoptera litura Lepidoptera: Parasitoids did not cause significant mortality in egg or early larval stages and the releases of T. No significant differences of survival were observed among insects reared on different spodopfera, except for tobacco, where no survivors were recorded.


Some produced dramatic effects while others produced no effects. Tujuan praktikum ini adalah untuk mengetahui efisiensi pemanfaatan pakan daun brokoli, daunt alas, daun bawang, daun kangkung dan daun kacang panjang oleh larva S. At Gy, the fecundity of adults that developed from irradiated pupae was entirely ligura. Those benzylisoquinolines with a methylene-dioxyphenyl 1,3-benzodioxole group were consistently the most toxic or repellent while laudanosine, a relatively simple benzylisoquinoline, was generally innocuous.

We establish useful models that relate experimentally measured biological sporoptera of compounds to their molecular structure. We newly sequenced mitochondrial genomes of Spodoptera litura and Cnaphalocrocis medinalis belonging to Lepidoptera to obtain further insight into mitochondrial genome evolution in this group and investigated the influence of optimal strategies on phylogenetic reconstruction of Lepidoptera.

Five major quassinoids Ailanthone, Chaparrinone, Glaucarubinone, 13 18 -Dehydroglaucarubinone and hinjulactone H were detected in fraction 5, which showed the greatest efficacy in spodopterw of acute toxicity and feed intake inhibition of S.

These properties are similar to those of other members of family Nodaviridae, to which the virus is spodophera assigned.

Noctuidae to structures of cotton plants.