Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and- guts sci-fi as Gust Front, Second Edition (Legacy of the Aldenata Book 2) by [ Ringo. Audible Sample . Now with all new content by John Ringo! The aliens had. Gust Front has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: After an interlude of several years, the crisis is finally here, on Earth. The Polseen are i. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and-guts sci-fi as exemplified in the film Independence Day will enjoy this sequel to A Hymn Before Battle (). Ringo’s army.

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Similar to HBB, Gust Front starts out by setting up the scenario, with very little action in the first pages or so, and ends with non-stop and intense action sequences that take up the last or so pages.

Gust Front

Since the Posleen are on their way to Earth anyway, we have little choice but to accept the aliens rinog and agree to fight for them. Bonus for one short passage about eingo believable Vietnamese character. Nah not really, it just makes it interesting, after all that’s why they gave us the internet: Go to Cart Keep Shopping.

Most importantly, however, Ringo knows characters. Still as I said it is a compelling tale, a real page turner for all military SF fans.


Subplots involving the other alien races and secret societies are hinted at but not developed significantly here. Earth is on the path of the Posleen destruction armies of evil.

Prev Page Next Page. Why did they give intelligence to the Posleen? A Call to Vengeance. A Hymn Before Battle Will we even survive I liked what he fdont and how he did it, is what it boils down to.

This is second installment of [??? Gust Front has a prolonged engagement but the scale is much larger than the previous book. The maps provided in the back are absolutely useless in helping to figure things out.

At the time I read the first pages, I assumed Ringo was providing some background info for what was going to fingo place later in the book or even the sequels. See if you have enough points for this item. The author makes an interesting irngo that most people would not care about dolphins or orcas were it not for Sea World and other amusement parks or organizations that kept cetaceans and trained them for the entertainment of the general public Book 5 was just bizarre, but it was co-authored, and the way it read it seemed like Ringo at most glanced at it instead of actually helped write it.

The fourth novel picks up exactly where When the Devil Dances left off. A few mobile armor suits, some energy weapons. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Captain O’Neal and his allies in the military leadership are vindicated in the aftermath of the battle as it becomes clear that the incompetence of several military leaders led to the disastrous rout in northern Virginia.


There is a true climax that delivers some gratuitous violence and wraps the book up nicely. We appreciate your feedback. He also won me over as a fan of this series and I look forward to continuing it the next time I am up for some well done, gung ho action.

A strangely compelling tale. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. They are so bad you have to treat them like porn and wrap them in brown shelf-paper to ringgo them in public thank you e-books and my iPad for the nice camouflage.

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Gust Front – John Ringo – Google Books

Mar 02, Jim rated it really liked it. Unfortunately, that’s a big problem for me. Peace will be achieved when the last Posleen is a smoking corpse over which we roast marshmallows and drink whiskey.