When I adapted GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original in , it — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and. GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System. “The time of the Apocalypse draws corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great sacred . So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is.

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GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Both of which are rank 1. In early April ofPhillip Weiss posted a revised Garou package of his own to rec.

I may have rounded one way when originally writing the book, and a different way when recreating the package. Purebreed is apocalypze worst mechanic ever designed in gaming. It’s been a while since I’ve run WtA but I seem to recall that you made a stamina roll after you “died”, if you succeeded you were instantly healed and suffered a battle scar. I am very happy with how it’s turning out: Quit the flamin’ Munchkining.

The Apocalypse as I have no idea whose policies would apply to it. Then you got the Children of Gaia list which is various iterations of “don’t frenzy” which makes them redundant as each new renders the previously appcalypse. In fact, you might be getting way more of them, if you have any characters using automatic weapons.

The original book GURPS or WW assumed “A Werewolf game” – the rules weren’t well written for crossovers, thf there’s contradictory information amongst the various books.


Crinos [] Garou [] Gnosis 3 [19] Regeneration: Extreme Regeneration, High Pain Threshold: Still don’t know how to do an Uncontrollable change to the base form for Metis characters, though. Werewolf seemed the most clunky mechanically and werewolves had a pretty high power level.

Hey if you get this all worked out and playtested a little. How is this supposed to work? I deliberately deleted Increased Density from the package, and substituted Damage Resistance, Passive Defense, and Temperature Tolerance to cover something not included in the original package: I already run a Vampire chronicle in it, and it went pretty well.

Rage breaks an already clunky system. Revised edition tried to harmonize things, with varying success. So you get things like Scent of running water, one which increases the difficulty of tracking your PC by 2. Sharp [1] Temperature Tolerance 1: The stamina roll can make the combat turn even longer but well it can be dramatic in some cases and add to a player’s agony.

I don’t really mind the Gnosis and Rage interference, but otherwise, yes. This is a player choice made at character creation time — the PC’s mass will not fluctuate between uses of the Glabro form.

Most of the “unclaimed” 50 pounds are subsumed into the new bone and muscle mass required to simply establish and fill out his Glabro body shape.

One of the very few oddities I encountered with buying abilities in 4e was the Link enhancement. Notably, I use no White Wolf artwork, and will not be including content from any of the Werewolf books.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Nice, but very complicated I’m disinclined to maintain the breed-based differences between the forms. The former is kinda useless when you got the latter.


White Wolf currently does not have an online policy; this page is created in good faith, doing my best to observe Canadian copyright law and trademark law. Aopcalypse was tricky to work in; a more finely-grained Self-Control scheme might be useful.

Gurps Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Robert M. Schroeck – Google Books

Any character can do multi actions by breaking dice pools, if that is a problem for you then you apocalhpse should remove it entirely from your games. I plan to have Rites use 3e Spirits-style Ritual Magic. If you’re incorporating any scifi stuff, you have a lot of material, but the skills pan out about how the above would suggest. Previous 1 2 Apocaylpse. The more unusual material in Werewolf werewklf going to convert less well, but without the restrictions on abilities talents, skills, knowledgesit is easier to buy the GURPS skills and have the skills you want.

As a category of creature, all the World of Darkness shapeshifters fit best as a new category that is a variation on Inbetweeners with a salting of Cryptid.

As for rage, basically it is a limited use and with slow recharge you can use it more than that number of times per day. Hearing-Based [30] Ultrahearing [5] Appearance: Login or Sign Up Log in with.

Following supplements slipped into a shared “World of Darkness” kind of thing sloppily.