I recently decided to feed my obsessive nature by creating an interactive/fillable version of the GURPS 4e character sheet. It can be found here. BASIC LIFT (ST × ST)/5 ______ DAMAGE Thr ______ Sw ______. BASIC SPEED ______ [ ] BASIC MOVE ______ [ ]. ENCUMBRANCE. MOVE. DODGE. Save to Load Start a new sheet new .. resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy .

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Freeform This gups you know what you’re doing. I certainly could create an ability to add more skills to your digital sheet but you won’t be able to export them to a PDF in a proper way, unfortunately. Originally Posted by OldSam. Blank character sheet, as above, except Attribute costs only are not calculated.

If you’d like to adjust your advantages and disadvantages you can. Swap out the text and pics, print on cardstock, fold and glue.

Character sheet

The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Looks very promising, I will shset looking at this direction, so stay tuned! The software’s authors receive a royalty on sales and will continue to be involved in support, whatever that entails. This is an older project, and some of these are not as up-to-date as the web pages they are taken from.

Completed sheets will look identical to the non-interactive sheet, with the sole exception of individual DR locations in the DR box. Originally Posted by mook Oops, sheer it is dheet I can do on my end who knew?


I switch back and forth between mac and linux and find their native PDF viewers useful enough I only use Adobe if there are problems with the native ones.

[GURPS] I have finally finished online character sheet support : rpg

I would suggest Mythras, aka Runequest 6. MA planetary record sheet p. If your character has an exceptional appearance, great charisma, a resonant voice or one or more odious personal habits then specify them hurps.

A number of bugs have been squashed in a re-write, so things should be easier to use. Once you’ve determined these attributes and the system will calculate your secondary characteristics for you, or and change your selection.

GURPS Character Sheet

A few things to note: Alter your basic attributes, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Health. It will let you design characters, but not hurps or print them. Choose your starting number of character points.

Amount of rows in sections represents the same amount of rows in the original paper character sheet for nice export. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Can I see a complete feature list? Live links to various places on the SJ Games site, as appropriate, including: Page 1 of 5. Notable, Heroic, and Epic from this post. We will link good collections from the GCB page, to make provide community support.

Thank you for the feedback!


When hell freezes over! Probably, but please don’t ask iteractive for details yet. Please keep keep giving me feedback to improve the tool, I’m very grateful for all correspondence received.

There is a support page where we’ll post upgrades, patches, or whatever, and there is a Pyramid discussion group for it. Users can customize everything, including character sheets, data sheets and the print templates. Take a look and give it a try! August — so I had one person contact me and say this would be cool, thank you person!

GURPS Character Builder FAQ

Just fill out the character gurpss, if you have javascript the values will automatically recalculate as you enter information. Tech-level and languages Here you specify how your character’s technology knowledge relates to the technology level surrounding your character, and the character’s literacy.

It only contains the most basic of calculations, where the formulas were simple enough to work out for convenience. Will source be available? Includes the Posture rules from page 99 of Martial Arts. Image and looks If your character has an exceptional appearance, great charisma, a resonant voice or one or more odious personal gurs then specify them here.

Thank you for having interest to my project!