GURPS Mage The Ascension *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [Robert M. Schroeck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Gurps Mage: The Ascension: Robert M. Schroeck, Jeff Koke, Dan Smith: Books – A few weeks ago, in some thread whose topic I can’t recall, a poster mentioned that GURPS Mage was in some ways markedly different.

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Maybe a break would help to clear her thoughts and get things back on track. If the story takes place during another season, there will be fewer tourists, and June will be in town for some peace and quiet. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Show More Show Less. The Node is guarded by a group of goblins at least twice the number of the willworkers and any magick used on the Node will gain the immediate attention of The Hierophant, who will appear instantly through Correspondence magick to stop the interlopers. He raved about gudps brilliance of her concept and how it only required the work of a true artist to bring it to life.

The Outside Place: An Adventure for Mage: the Ascension and GURPS Mage, by Steve Kenson

The Gauntlet collapses and the Umbra and the real world begin to “overlap” and mingle in a way unseen before by any of the characters. Paperback Books Robert Barrett. Forces 3, Mind 3.

Eastridge is a small Vermont town with a population hovering around 3, that makes most of its income from the skiing season. Her hair is dark and cut short she hates it and wants to let it grow out. June Dano will be inspired with confidence and ideas for her book by her Awakening. The adventure brings the mages into a situation where they learn just how fragile the fabric of reality is and just how much effect one person’s imagination can have on it, if that imagination is backed by enough power.


Once the characters calm her down a bit and assure her that they mean to help through proper roleplaying gurpw an appropriate ability checkshe will tell them what guurps knows about the situation in town. Only the Never-Ending Story remains unchanged by the reality-shift. She is relishing the responsibility and hopes to use this affair to demonstrate to her superiors how efficiently she can handle a situation like this and move up in asxension ranks.

The world he has created is mabe the beginning of a madness that will continue to spread until he is stopped. Share your thoughts with other customers. It is a shame SJG was only authorized to make so few conversion books – I would have liked to see Changeling, but due to politics it never mge it.

GURPS World of Darkness Series

OK x3-1, -2, -2, -5, Vaporized. Once The Hierophant has taken control of the town, the Men in Black will continue to follow Alyson Lane’s orders and make excellent cannon fodder for the goblins, the pack hounds and the chaotic magick of The Hierophant.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. All times are GMT The GURPS version attempts makes up for that without eliminating the open-ended feel of the original magic. The Men in Black Convention: Alternately, the mages might simply be in Eastridge for the same reason as June Dano: She didn’t look too bad for a woman who was creeping up on Robert Louis Stevenson Paperback Children.

The Ascension describes a world where people do indeed create their own reality; you are what you will or what you have been taught to will. The small stream running through the town becomes red magee blood and the houses and mwge become constructions of bone, glass, copper and iron.


SchroeckPaperback Be the first to write a review. Was it mag necessary to make each “monster” so much more powerful than its predecessor? The Never-Ending Story When the mages first arrive, they find everything completely normal.

The chaos caused by The Hierophant will rattle her at first; she doesn’t like things in her orderly world being disturbed. Draining and destroying the Node is far more likely to work, although the player characters should be reluctant to do so.

He brought her from a strange and formless place the Umbra into a giant cathedral that was right out of her story: There are only 3 points of Tass that can be culled from the shop’s shelves.

She lay back on the queen-size hotel bed and stretched, listening to her joints pop. The mages might have had dream or visions about the Node, or they might simply have heard rumors about its existence or of Technomancer activity in the area.

Alyson carries herself with all of the authority of her position and her place within the New World Order. You ascensino also like. If the characters rescue June from the pack, they will see that she is untouched by the reality shift in Eastridge. Almost immediately, things in the town being to change, azcension shifting and flowing like melting wax. Correspondence 5, Spirit 5, all others 4. No ratings or reviews yet.

Alertness 2, Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 3, Tracking 3. If any of the characters inquire of Mr. She saved ascensiom file and put the small computer to sleep, shutting it down for now.