The purpose of GURPS Thaumatology is to offer solutions. Often, RPGs are accused of tying up magic in strict rules, losing its truly fantastical, magical essence. Steve Jackson Games is committed to full support of GURPS players. page for GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic can be found at. GURPS Thaumatology contains the best 3rd Edition magic variants and adds many all-new options. The full extent of each of these chapters can be seen in the .

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Fantasy settings are defined by their magic. It would have been best to present that advice up front, before going through two hundred pages of just that. The original magic system magic as skills presented in Basic Set and Magic still gets most of the attention.

GURPS Thaumatology

To that end, there’s also options as to whether certain effects take more energy or more skill to pull off, and lots of advice and furps for modifiers, depending on which way the GM goes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

At the end of the book, Thaumatology returns to the discussion of magic instead of magic systems it began with.

Urban Magics — Information and insight about how magic influences city life. There’s good advice on supernatural servants bound demons, spirit familiars, etc. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jeff rated it it was amazing Feb 02, In this case, the chapter is about the nature of a campaign dealing with magic, and magic’s place in society and the like, instead of general thoughts of how magic works. Sign up using Email and Password.

Want to Thakmatology Currently Reading Read. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Thaumatopogy Questions Tags Users Unanswered. So the answer is “it depends on the sort of magic you want in your game”. There’s some good discussion of how gurpss traditional magical powers are represented in advantages, and there’s a couple pages of recapitulation of the basics from Powers which is good for not requiring that book for this, but is the type of repetition that 4th Ed has tried to avoid.


Radical revisions of spell-based magic, including detailed versions of the clerical and ritual magic options hinted at in the Basic Setand the return of that Tnaumatology Edition classic, “unlimited mana. Frank Mitchell rated it really liked it Oct 07, But even sticking with the early, non-setting specific materials, it still has a number of assumptions built into the basic rules.

Thaumatology is a magic-system construction guide. Magic Perks — new perks for wizards only! Post as a guest Name.

The more social discussion is then followed up by thoughts on particular game styles, most clearly when it thaumatoogy to emulating how magic seems to function in a lot of superhero stories.

Hardcoverpages. Sign up using Facebook. This ranges from different tweaks to the advantage that allows spell-casting, to the possibility of basing spell casting on something other than intelligence say, willpower.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Cal Godot rated it it was amazing Apr 07, One of the first sections notes that it probably not worth the GM’s time to work on an elaborate magic system unless magic is going to be a central pillar of the campaign.

GURPS Thaumatology

Batjutsu rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Just as often, though, such groups represent philosophically distinct sects with unique magical methods, known as magical arts or styles.

How to be Flexible The next chapter then gets to the idea of cutting loose from pre-defined spells completely, and gives a couple major versions of that idea. Chinese Elemental Powers — A flavorful example of using powers to represent magical arts.

Magical Creations — Get more info on musical instruments and how to use them as the focus for magical power in the article “Instruments of Enchantment.


A detailed, fully worked example: Jeff rated it really liked it Dec 29, If you don’t play GURPSbut want to tinker around with a different magic system, this isn’t as good at cross-system inspiration as some other GURPS supplements, but it does have a lot to say, and there’s very little out there that addresses the the question at all.

Thaumatology is not This is not a gaming source book. Sorcery — Another self-contained system that models magic as a power and spells as mystical advantages the sorcerer can draw upon instinctively, easily, and repeatedly!

Some more serious alternatives are looked at with the idea of age granting power to items after all, all the most powerful items in fiction are gurpss old This mighty tome includes:. Jeffrywith1e 1, 1 8 Finally, there is a discussion of items with a will of their own, from how they are created under the normal enchantment rules, to how to write them up as a character.

You’re very unlikely to be using the whole of the book in thaumatologu campaign, any more than you’d be using all of Fantasy or Space Some of its advice is relevant to games with Magic -style spellcasting, other bits aren’t.

GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles

Magical Styles — Detailed instructions for how to organize skills, spells, and abilities into unique and interesting arcane arts. Magical Advantage The last ‘crunchy’ chapter points out that many of the advantages presented in Basic Gueps could easily have a magical origin. Dungeon Magic — A collection of seven sorcerous societies suitable for crypt-crawling adventures. This allows for inventiveness from the player, and the use of Symbol Drawing skill and skill in each symbol used which means a character can easily be better at certain gkrps of effects.

Ritual Path Magic with Magical Styles.