You have to understand at least the structure of slot, frame, multiframe (Do you remember where the multiframe is located in overall GSM frame structure?. This page on GSM tutorial covers GSM frame structure including concept of slot, frame,multiframe,superframe and hyperframe. It covers both 51 frame multiframe . Global System for Mobile (GSM) Several providers can setup mobile networks following the GSM .. Control Channel Multiframe (Reverse link for TS0). 0. F. 1.

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Sometimes you would notice what we did in the kindergarden still works very well when you are at the age when you have your own kindergarden kids -: It is the largest time interval within the GSM frame structure.

In this diagram, multifame second slot in each frame is being used as a control channel but it is not always gsk case.

However, one common thing about all control channel frame structure is that it is based on 51 multiframe.

Why 26 and 51 Multiframes in GSM |

I don’t find any way to visualize the whole Hyper Frame structure showing the details at the level of every single slots, but overal GSM frame hierarchy is as follows. How 26 and 51 Multiframes in GSM GSM is very complicated when we talk about its rf side and in it very complicated to understand the multifram of 26 and 51 Multiframes, here my try to make you understand simply.

A hyperframe has the longest time period in the GSM system of 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 53 seconds.

GSM multiframe The GSM frames are grouped together to form multiframes and in this way it is possible to establish a time schedule for their operation and the network can be synchronised. One thing worth noticing would be the first slot in each frame seems to be used as some control channel. Latest news LoRa technology integrated in utility metering solution Four-in-one environmental sensor saves space and power MACOM debuts new ultra low phase noise amplifier Ericsson and Panasonic Avionics bringing connectivity to the skies Beeline chooses Broadpeak Solutions for TV Everywhere service.


You have to understand at least the structure of slot, frame, multiframe structure in very detail. Don’t just look at these diagrams if you are GSM beginner, draw grids on a paper or open up a Excel spreadsheet and color and label it on your own.

GSM Frame Structure

As I keep multiffame you, the overall GSM frame structure one cycle is so long in time domain and I haven’t see any material showing even a single multiframe at the full details of each slot.

In GSM as well, we have many different types of physical and logical channels and each of these channel types are using its own physical structure at the level of a slot Burst. The FACCH channel uses this burst during handover operation when the timing advance of new cell is not yet known. Introduction to GSM, 2nd ed. As we can see in the diagram below, each of the control channel types are present on a single timeslot. All of sudden a clear pattern within a multiframe start showing up.

One user uses the slot 2 at every frame and the other user use the slot 4 at every frame. As one carrier is used as guard channel between GSM and other frequency bands carriers are useful RF channels.

You will see a better way to visualize this structure at later section, for now just try to get some ‘sense feeling mjltiframe of how a multiframe looks like. One of those frequency channels is defined as the base-frequency beacon frequency or BCCH frequency. The 51 frame control multiframe is sub divided into logical channels that include the frequency correction burst, the synchronization burst, the broadcast channel BCCHthe paging and access grant mulfiframe PAGCHand the stand-alone dedicated control channel SDCCH.

As shown in the figure 2 below, there are two varients to multiframe structure.

Superframes are the composition of 26 control multiframes or 51 traffic multiframes to provide a common time period of 6. Each GSM multiframe composed of frames either 51 or 26 based on multiframe type. Now each RF carrier will have eight time slots.

By establishing these schedules by the use of a frame structure, both the mobile and the base station are able to communicate not only the voice data, but also signalling information without the various types of data becoming intermixed and both ends of the transmission knowing exactly what types of fsm are being transmitted.


Control Multiframe Structures – The 51 control multiframe structure is used to send information on the multifframe channel. Structure of Each types of Burst. Superframe – A superframe is a multiframe sequence that combines the period of a 51 multiframe with 26 multiframes 6. Multiframes are then constructed into superframes taking 6. Remaining part of the frequency channel Slot-1 to 7 can be used as any mix of traffic and control channels.

This book explains the mltiframe components, technologies used, and operation of GSM systems. This comprises the eight slots, each used for different users within the TDMA system.

In simplified terms the base station transmits two types of channel, namely traffic and control. Each frame composed of 8 time slots. A GSM frame is 4. They should also understand mapping of different channels to time slots in these gsm frame structures.

The minimum unit being frame or TDMA frame is made umltiframe 8 time slots. This is used to maintain synchronisation of the different scheduled operations with the GSM frame structure. Following is the most basic scheduling for fundamental channels.

GSM Timeslot & Frequency Specifications

That is the flag is 0 for TCH and 1 for others. Here each RF carrier frequency is shared between 8 users hence in GSM system, the basic radio resource is a time slot with duration of about microsec.

Eight of these burst periods are grouped into what is known as a TDMA frame. At the center of the frame traffic channel multiframe i. The whole data space bits is used for unmodulated carrier pure sinusoid or carrier modulated with all zero bits. Hyperframe – A hyperframe is a multiframe sequence that is composed of superframes, and is the largest time mulfiframe in the GSM system 3 hours, 28 minutes, 53 seconds. Slot Allocation in Communication.