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Intercom Call Make sure your handset is on standby mode. You can then talk with the 2 contacts at the same time. Interface connections, page 2 2. This equipment does not fu nction in the case of an electric ne twork shutdown: Switch off the test system and notify our service organisation.

As a result, tests with extreme humidity values are not feasible, and low test space temperatures may cause icing of the evaporator. NOTE The clarification device can only be activated during climatic operation of the test system 1.

Ensure that the site is well ventilated. Lack of water means pump is defective. If there are no new messages on the answering machine, the number of rings will be 4, otherwise the number of rings will be 2.

It is accessible by removing the cover sheets.

Grundig Selio

Be sure to remove grundif cleanser residue gundig. Pressthe massage “confirm? Enter the phone number. Niederlande Weiss Enet B. Failure to do so may result in acidification of the humidification water, which has the potential of damaging the test specimens and the test system. In this case, make sure to place. Yo u can select to redial your last. As a precaution, in case of danger, the mains. To eliminate the fault, proceed as follows: Das Handbuch wird per E-Mail gesendet.


In case no test specimen protection is required, the measuring sensor may be placed in the mounting at the rear panel. Yocorom — PB Urb. Go to the menu “hs Current date is displayed. You will hear becienungsanleitung confirm ation tone. If corrosive spots cannot be eliminated this way, polish with stainless steel cleaning wool only.


You can carry out the following operations: For your safety, n ever place your handset on the b ase station witho ut its batteries, or without its. The list of calls made or received is displayed. After each test DANGER The test space, the inside of the door, the air in the test space as well as the test specimen may still be hot or extremely cold.

Sagem Communications – C ustomer relations depar tment.

Bedienungsanleitung Grundig Selio (Seite 1 von 2) (Englisch)

If you have not subscribed to CLIP service or if the caller number is suppressed, the display shows unknown. You can connect one external call to two han dsets registered at the base station. The “time saver” mode automatically determines the number of rings: The inspection should only be performed by our service, or a skilled person authorized by us.


Go to the menu “ANS. Libble nimmt den Missbrauch seiner Dienste sehr ernst. You can store 50 phonebook entries in your ph onebook. Thank you for hedienungsanleitung your confidence in This device has been manufactured with the utmost care. The user must ensure that the directions regarding installation and operation of refrigerating bedienungsanlleitung as per EN chap. The list of phonebook entries is displayed in alphabeti cal order. The call in process is then put eoc hold and you can take the second call back.

Reichmann y Cia Ltda. The entry is stored in the phonebook. Ending a call press. Variablespeed test space fan1. Calling a contact from your phonebook Press key to access to the contact list.

Grundig SEEN Manual

After a power cut or. The permissible heat emission depends on the size of the test system and the test space temperature. To access the halogen bulb, remove the test space ceiling.