To give you some idea, in there were 79 manufactured home builders . of homes built annually with a Grissim Ratings Guide construction rating of less. (click on the tile “Ratings Guide Updates” on the left side of the home page). The Grissim Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes & Land contains detailed. of any guide that described and rated all U.S. builders (79 at last count), was a second consumer guide, The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes.

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President takes office are typically accompanied by some degree of unpredictability, including economic forecasts for sectors like the housing industry. Prices are in dollars: Why should you care? The goal is not just to sell books but to assist you with your research and to help you be informed, empowered, and confident as you make the many decisions involved in the purchase of your new home. Modular code homes are built to local site-built building codes and are considered by mortgage lenders as identical to site-built homes.

Colin Bayler rated it liked it Jul 27, Ironically, the MH industry had largely cleaned up its act bybut then the mainstream housing bubble, with all its shenanigans, kicked in, eventually taking MH along with it when it ran off a cliff. A slew of new laws came on the books to prevent future financial abuses while protecting consumers from predatory lending practices. This same table is also in The Grissim Ratings Guide, and is by far the most comprehensive detailed listing of construction features and quality ever provided consumers.

The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes | Open Library

Be sure to manufsctured sales people about the build lead times for their homes. You’ll have an easier time getting financing, and likely at a lower interest rate, the savings from which will go a long way to paying for your manufadtured purchase cost. Some lenders will not finance a manufactured home if it is not on a permanent foundation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Inevitably, high consumer demand and maxed out production capacity, coupled with increased costs of building materials means a higher price tag.


Nationally, housing including manufactured homes, or MH in this report is poised for continued growth in In some ways you could consider yourself a developer. Mac Smith rated it it was amazing Jun 06, From Rainshadow Publications, the two most comprehensive, trusted and authoritative guides to manufactured homes, written by veteran journalist and author John Grissim From the author Welcome.

Prices are in dollars: Many people are making higher payments for a manufactured home than they would have made for a traditional or modular home–and those structures are nearly always a better investment.

Simply click on the Buy Now button to be taken directly to the book’s listing on Amazon.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Adding to this bloat of overcapacity was an overcrowded marketplace. Lower home prices during the recovery? There is one development that informed manufacturwd shoppers will find useful to know. The potential home buyer will be best served by purchasing both books. Economists predict that sector will continue a steady recovery, with an acceleration of growth over the next two years.

And since we grissi don’t live in the same house for enough years to pay down the balance very far, we depend on the rising cost of real estate to increase our equity, the portion of the home’s value that we get back to buy another home when we sell. But Hold on Before You Sign Land-home packages are fairly easy to get approved for, even if you have credit blemishes, but the interest rates can be high.

Here you will find a fair amount of useful information, including some that many manufacturers would ratiings you not know. I will never disparage low-end manufactured homes per se, because they answer a huge need.

Buying a Factory Built Home

All Rights Reserved Website Design: As for the manufactured housing industry, if you are a first time shopper for a manufactured home a. Land-Home Packages We see many people who opt into land-home packages, installment financing options that are are set up by the retailers who sell manufactured homes.

What type of warranty does the manufacturer provide? ISBN pages, soft cover, 66 illustrations, 2 tables Print edition: With the national economy showing continued strong recovery and very low unemployment, the MH industry is once again doing very well, but the increased consumer demand means many, if not most, production lines are operating at capacity.


For starters, for their non-profit owners are not profit-driven. Unscrupulous dealers regularly charge home buyers thousands more for their homes than they should.

The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land :: Home

Lack of financing for MH a persistent problem Here in the MH industry is better situated going into a new year than it has been in years. Here in the MH industry is better situated going into a new year than it has been in years. Though the final numbers for are not in, the cumulative numbers through October totaled 67, homes, up Jim Sheppard marked it as to-read Oct 23, This year marks the 14th.

This would in turn result in a surge of griwsim homebuyers entering the market—for both site-built and manufactured homes. Unfortunately, while well-intended, several key regulations mistakenly failed to account for the unique characteristics of manufactured homes—two in particular: Trivia About The Grissim Buyer Loans on these dwellings, called chattel mortgages, have interest rates significantly higher than regular tl loans.

In contrast, consumers who manufactred to site their manufactured home on a permanent foundation on land they own and which will be legally tied to the property and taxed as improved real estate just like a site-built home have much better chances of getting financed, and at rates comparable to yomes for site-built homes.

The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

This is by far the most comprehensive detailed listing of construction features and quality ever provided consumers. They have a point, but one need only recall the crazy go-go years of the s when the entire MH industry was rife with abuses involving every possible way to screw the homebuyer, take the money and run.

Retailers historically have been highly secretive about how much they actually pay for the homes they sell.