Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology (Gotrek & Felix Book 18) – Kindle edition by Nathan Long, John Brunner, Josh Reynolds, Jordan Ellinger, Ben McCallum, David. Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology is an anthology in the Gotrek & Felix (novel series) Gotrek and Felix join forces with another slayer and his human companion. For those who have never met them, Gotrek and Felix are unsung heroes of the Warhammer fantasy Empire, the dwarven slayer* Gotrek.

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Gotrek GurnissonFelix Jaeger.

Gotrek and Felix – The Anthology, a book by Christian Dunn | Book review

Thr old nemeses and allies turn up in a few stories. And in the frozen north, an expidition to the lost dwarf hold of Karag Dum brings Gotrek and Felix face to face with The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson Richard Salter I wouldn’t get upset by paying too much attention to the title of this story, Gotrek doesn’t really die, instead we are treated to another classic Gotrek and Felix episode which include those sneaky Skaven, a dire threat to the empire and even a cameo appearance by Ulrika the Vampire.

I really want to read the Thanquol ans as I think the author really captures the skaven personality — cowardly, cunning, boastful, deceitful, clever yet fearful.

Thanquol, while a bad guy through and through, is one that is always endearing no matter what. Adn Trantham rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Thanquol’s Doom Warhammer 8.

Tell yourself it happens to every writer… Writer of Sorts…. It’s Anthllogy who brings shade and story to what would otherwise be a series of scraps with little to recommend them. Paperbackgorek. The always lovable as only a slayer can be Snorri is joined by another slayer, brand-new to the job of seeking a glorious death in battle, Grudi Halfhand.


Thanquol is caught in a deadly net of treachery and intrigue as he is caught up in the rival plans of clans Botrek and Skyre to destroy the dwarf hold of Karak Angkul. In stories ranging from f The selection is well balanced and the variety of perspectives and content really works. Can the killer be brought to justice, and are the victims really the famous Gotrek and Felix?

Mind-stealer is right on par with all the other stories in the anthology that I really liked. Josh sets a eflix quick pace and what he has really succeeded here is in making this as much of a humour piece as it is an action piece. The fantastic, the supernatural, the poetic, and the macabre entwine in this incomparable culmination of storytelling.

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn book review

All goes well, until a red-furred dwarf and his blond-furred human companion get involved Issue 5 Mark Lord 8. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Sep 05, Paul Skelding gotrsk it liked it.

I don’t really want to break it down past this but in truth each separate tale included is well worth a read on it’s own and as a value for money release I doubt you will find another to rival it in a hurry. Agnar Arvastsson and Henrik Daschke are another slayer-rememberer duo, although they are far less famous and are comparatively young in terms of experience. The twists and mysteries are well done, as is the action, which is extremely varied and has just the right dose of danger and humour mixed in.

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn

So in closing, I do recommend the anthology novel because of those six stories that I really liked. I might get around to writing a full review on this anthology.

So I had extremely high expectations of this novella and I was certainly not disappointed. Gotrek and Felix are probably the most famous and long running characters of the Warhammer franchise. I do like Warhammer stories written outside of The Empire — it helps to bring the world to life.


I’ll read all things Felix and Gotrek, but the stories that were focused off center of the two left me wondering where they were and when I’d get to the next story.

Gotrek and Felix

I was basically racing to finish the novella because I was totally hooked into the narrative and wanted to find out what was about to happen next throughout.

The anthology includes the best and worst of their stories. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review.

Thanqoul provides a dose of nefarious schemes and ill-fated luck to the usually heroic endeavours. A Cask of Wynters is fast, and it is punchy. This is 10 shorts put together into one anthology as the name suggests!

Oscilla tra il colpo di genio ed il plagio spudorato! The second, the changing character of Felix Jaeger; once a scholar, a student of Nuln University, son of a wealthy trader; now a hardbitten warrior. However, I was slightly disappointed with how this tale concluded. This story has skaven in a bar pinching a magical item before coming into contact with our heroes. Also shop in Also shop in. This is quite possibly the flattest story in the entire anthology. Lists with This Book.

Trivia About Gotrek and Felix He is currently with It’s great at times, but a few of the stories were uneven in my opinion. Hunting a desert creature known as ‘The Lurking Horror’, Gotrek and Felix find themselves inveigled in a desperate plot to unseat a tyrant and claim the two crowns of Ras Karim.