Various issues of Gorkhapatra in January and February, Gorkhapatra, January 4, Rising Nepal, February 18, These programs. His dream came true when liberal Prime Minister Dev Sumsher Jung Bahadur Rana began the weekly publication of Gorkhapatra in , which is the first. 7 Results Latest in Gorkhapatra: Page: 1. – 7 Results found. 1 ยท Ophthalmic Assistant. Nepal Eye Hospital. Job Location: 24 days left – Newspaper Job.

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Gorkhapatra – Wikipedia

Political campaigns by parties for and against the Panchayat were being held all across the country. He returned with several ideas for modernization and policies to strengthen ties with the Great Britain. Archived from the original online on 25 June Dev Shumsher Rana was the most liberal and reformist of the Rana Prime Ministers, and it was under his initiative that the Nepali people got their first taste of print journalism.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat This Nepal -related article is a stub. Gorkhapatra with its very unlikely beginning and decades long history under suppression remained the leading news publication in Nepal through the first half of the 20th century.

CM Pokharel Youth leader Shankar Pokharel happened to contest the elections to the glrkhapatra parliament of Province-5 last year. Resurrecting a Lost Heritage. People perhaps went to dhunge dharas, chautaris and patis in the evenings to get gorkkhapatra daily dose of their newsfeeds which these days we can get on our cell phones with a flick of a fingertip.

Gorkhapatra Archives : Jobs in Nepal

We generally view the years of Rana rule as among the dark eras in the history of Nepal, since the country, its people and its resources were all severely exploited to serve the extravagant needs of a few elite. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Papers were reduced to ashes and the printing equipment sustained severe damages and were in gorkbapatra condition to print. He recalls his time in Rising Nepal with a bit of pride and a bit of nostalgia.


It is difficult, for many of us, to imagine a life without computers, mobile phones or tablet devices, these little virtual windows to a reality girkhapatra is not physically present before our eyes.

Our major concern was to cover both campaigns equally. Crumpled Hopes Individuals with progressive ideas and motives like Dev Shumsher were a rarity during his time.

It claimed gorkha;atra the newspaper would serve the public by disseminating news, information, education and inspiration acting as a bridge between the ruler and the people. The next one adds if any government official is found to be showing neglect in his duties or is absent from his office during office hours, such situation shall also be reported in the newspaper.

Writers on Writing and Books. Oct, Issue Jim Jones.

Gorkhapatra: A Living Relic

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The Trader and the She demon. Obviously, it is a matter of pride for all the Nepalese that we have the Gorkhapatra, the first newspaper in South Asia.

Scattering Seeds of New Life. Before that literature especially poetry was limited to small academic and elite circles, on the rest were confined to oral traditions.

Oct, Issue Ivy Huang. Josse, he and his team worked hard to be increasingly fair over a period of time. Many liberal policies introduced by Dev Shumsher were suspended by the new prime minister who saw those policies as a threat to the Rana Regime.


NCP to finalise nitty-gritty gokhapatra party unification in 10 days Kathmandu temperature plummets to 0 degree Academic institutions should promote nationality: A long list containing fourteen points on advantages of having a newspaper was published on the second page of the first issue. During the Rana years, Gorkhapatra had to struggle to maintain its readership. But they signified big changes in the course these newspapers would take in the following years.

Josse remembers an incident during early years of Rising Nepal that caused an international uproar. Harsher rules were put into effect to limit media activities. The story of Gorkhapatra, and with it the history of print gorkapatra in Nepal ironically begins with the rise of Junga Bahaur Rana as he set out to establish a dictatorship that shrouded the country for over a century.

Through a referendum, people would be allowed to decide the nature of their government: The uninterrupted manner and way with which the Gorkhapatra has come all along to this day, braving the many ups and downs on the way is a testimony of its ability to adapt to the changes and vicissitudes that have occurred in the political and social gorkhapatar of the country.

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