You can buy Gorenje WA Washing Machine in online stores. Catalog:  Washing Machine. Do you like this site or this page? Please share it. Thank you!. Download GORENJE WA service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Characteristics Washing Machine Gorenje WA Setup method freestanding. Special washing programs prewash, super-rinse, express laundry, wash in.

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Add washing and treatment agents detergent and softener.

Wash larger quantity of laundry. Water inlet connection To ensure correct operation of the appliance, water pressure inlet must be between 0,05 and 0,8 MPa.

In such cases signal LED’s start flashing in certain sequence. No failure is reported. Filter is not tightly screwed in.

Use of pliers, wrenches, or other similar tools is not allowed when installing the hose, as these tools can damage the nut thread.

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Repairing the failure arising from inappropriate connections or use wq the appliance is not covered by the guarantee. Spinning Aggressive spinning for non-delicate laundry at high spin RMP. The wall socket 50098 be accessible at all times and must be equipped with an earth lead in accordance with the local safety regulations.


Finish the lime removal by multiple rinsing to remove completely eventual acid residues. Delicate This is a program for delicate fabrics dresses, skirts, blouses and curtains.


You may engage the reduced spin RPM knob. Before connecting the appliance read these instructions carefully. If the failure reoccurs, contact your nearest authorized service center. Water inlet hose 8.

Washing Machine Gorenje WA 50089

Affix the outlet pipe to the drain. Low water flow pressure. Check that the drum is empty. Use this program for rinsing manually washed clothes. Wool Special, delicate program for washing woolen products indicated as appropriate for machine washing, as well as for very delicate products on which hand washing is indicated as appropriate.

This file is downloadable free of charge: Prior this operation disconnect the appliance from the mains power! You may select basic or partial programs. If this is the reason, announce it with the blue man icon on the top and I remove it. Transport brackets are not removed.

Add more detergent for such soiled laundry, da use liquid detergent. Pay attention to the labels on the clothes, indicating the recommending washing mode see table of textile treatment symbols on the last page of these instructions.

Manuals – Gorenje

Clean the dispenser and firmly fix the cover to its place. Laundry is stained after washing. Do not put clods of detergent into the soap dispenser as the tube in the washing machine may clog. The appliance should be placed on a surface with concrete base; the surface should be dry and clean in order to prevent slipping. It is rational in the consumption of energy, water and washing agents.


Heater failure In these cases, turn off the machine, then turn it back on and repeat the program. Parts of the machine may be damaged if frozen.

Washing Machine Gorenje WA Photo, Characteristics /

Use only detergents for machine washing. If the failure is reported again, call a service technician. If you wish the laundry not to be excessively creased at the end of washing, use easy ironing program. Inlet pipe must be replaced. Tighten the inlet pipe. Do the buttons and zippers, tie the strings and pull out the pockets.

Attempted operation of the blocked machine may result in irreparable damage which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty!