Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Lisa Endlich draws on an insider’s knowledge to bring to life this unique company and the most stunning. Goldman Sachs, in most years the most profitable investment bank in the country, Lisa Endlich, Author Alfred A. Knopf $30 (p) ISBN Luckily, Lisa Endlich opens this mystery in her book Goldman Sachs – The Culture of Success. Endlich explains the history of the firm from the.

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For the first time, existing partners had been unfamiliar with some of the candidates. In top management determined that this would change. You thd can’t talk about investment banking without mentioning Goldman Sachs.

No longer would the partners own their firm; no longer would they run it unencumbered by outside influences. A token passing mention is given to some of the cullture damaging aspects of their history and it sums up the book for me as an economic socialist; this is the perspective of the other side of the aisle.

Writing style is quite dry, but the au All in all, Endlich does a pretty decent job of capturing the cultural evolution at Goldman Sachs. This is a rare and revealing look inside a great institution—the last private partnership on Wall Cupture inside the financial world at its highest levels.

I definitely recommend this if you’re interested in reading a broad overview of the firm and its history since its inception. Aron currency and commodities trading — had been separated into dozens of specialized departments, many members of yoldman had very little contact with employees from outside their own department. Although Endlich highlights fulture importance of culture to Goldman Sachs, one can easily notice that the culture has also changed a lot during the years, while the company itself has changed a lot.


Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success – Lisa Endlich – Google Books

I do like the finance. Goldman Sachs Author Lisa Endlich 60minutes. This is made very clear to anyone who sits down and actually reads “Mein Kampf. At the almost end of the 20th century, the leaders of the firm considered making the firm from a private firm to a public firm because they want a expansion but not only a lot of money.

Moreover, few partners had ever been asked to leave; graceful and bittersweet success almost always capped lengthy and prosperous careers. They had deliberated for two agonizing months while speculation among the troops grew. Perhaps the ethos and pride they have for the safeguarding of their own culture could have been used when regarding the rest of us. I would say it is a must read for everyone working in the finance, succsss especially golfman investment banking.

Breathe Business: Goldman Sachs – The Culture of Success

Comments and reviews What are comments? Apr 19, Sanjiv rated it liked it.

The cu,ture would be transformed into a trading powerhouse, one that would challenge top-ranked Salomon Brothers, which was operating with considerably more capital. Aug 10, Margaret-jane rated it really liked it. Given the name of the book, it’s hardly surprising that it’s a biased account, but the writer has a tendency to make unqualified statements like “there is complete agreement” and “it is beyond a doubt” without providing evidence.

Endlich tracks the history of the company from its early days and the dual chairman structure bby the point of the IPO and the transformation of Goldman into the strongest investment bank available.


Thirty years earlier, Weinberg”s own father, the legendary Sidney Weinberg, had issued him the same invitation.

Richard HarrisonGlenn Carroll Limited preview – Goldman Sachs hires the very most talented young people from the best universities, but to be brilliant and wise is not enough, the more important is that you gokdman into the house’s culture.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success

In an abrupt break with one hundred seventeen years of history, the management committee was proposing that Goldman Sachs become a public corporation. There is a great competition to get in, but when you get in, the really competition only starts, if – and as almost everyone is – you are aiming to become a partner someday.

Check copyright status Cite this Title Goldman Sachs: Well, according to Endlich it’s a culture of hard sucess. Mar 26, Kailene rated it it was amazing.

The partners stated that they wished they had delved completely into the background of the client before taking him on and vowed to do so in the future, since wuccess had tarnished their reputation. I’d only recommend reading it if you are seriously interesting in investment banks. For many, especially for leadership consultant, this may sound strange, but in Goldman Sachs’ case, it has worked out well.

Oct 13, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Much was at llsa the future of Goldman Sachs would be decided in the next thirty-six hours.