Editorial Reviews. Review. An Essay by Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg. As featured on There have been a lot of big. Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg Living Alone & Liking It!* by Lynn Shahan I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris Living Alone and Loving It by Barbara. With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom.

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Eric Klinenberg

Not the type of soloo I typically enjoy, but i found that Klineberg made a compelling case for the acknowledgement of a growing segment of singles living alone and the unique challenges and benefits that presents. Jun 16, Marta Veenhof rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m gooing member of one of the demographic groups Klinenberg focused on while writing Going Solo.

With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom to deliver the definitive take on how the rise of going solo is transforming the American experience. The nursing homes and other facilities are far from ideal for these people, and klinsnberg society has not made much progress in improving the situation while the baby boomers are approaching this life stage.

A friend in her mid-forties recommended Going Solo to me, and as someone living alone, the book had instant appeal. Fascinating but mostly irrelevant to my interests. For these children, college requirements of sharing a bedroom can be less than pleasant and goinh young people with negative experiences of co-habitating. The book is divided into the different trends and statistics according to age groups and economic groups.


No worries here if you chose to stop at the “Aging Alone” chapter, as you’ve already put the book back on the shelf and haven’t missed out on a damn thing.

There was also a lot about the struggles of living alone and being poor, single-occupancy rooms, and the way that places that house people in dangerous predicaments can pull them down. I was just about to go online and put my name down, when I stumbled over this sentence: Since my husband klinenbergg ten yea I thought this was very interesting.

efic The next thing is the communications revolution. And back then, it was most common in the sprawling Western states, like Alaska, and Montana, and Nevada, because single migrant men went there.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

Its optimistic title notwithstanding, the tone klinrnberg the book is sumber and factual. How could we not when such stories feed right into the collective myth and anecdotes of spinsters, embittered divorcees and elderly cat ladies? My first social science book that I’ve ever read Jul 04, Ali C rated it really liked it.

In the latter case, one telling statistic: It’s not difficult to guess how it must have looked from the author’s point of view at that time; and that his initial intention was far from advocating for this rising lifestyle. The Economist Aug Return to Book Page.

Eric Klinenberg on Going Solo

But, typically, I think Americans are quite anxious about isolation. The rise of Latchkey Kids and private rooms within the home is an international experience. When I got deeper into the research, I realized that, in fact, only a small number of people who are living alone are actually isolated, or lonely, and that I was really only looking at a very narrow part of the story.

TIMEJul 17 — Trying to engineer hot weather out of existence rather than adjust our culture of consumption for the age of climate change is one of our biggest environmental blind spots.


I could not keep up with his demands that I ski, clean, cook, etc Klineberg’s book does not lose speed. Not a lot that appeals there. Maybe people will choose to live alone whenever they have the resources to do so.

Mar 05, Jafar rated it liked it. I was looking forward to this book enough to buy it, but came away disappointed. Rather, it uses evidence from interviews of some three hundred Americans of all ages who live alone to comment on the individual and societal effects of the phenomenon.

Klinenberg must have changed his perspective during his research, but his divided opinions on the subject shows in his cautious approach, or how often he alternates between the bad and the good perspectives.

Since my husband is ten years younger than I am, it’s possible I won’t be living solo again – hopefully that age difference sets us up to live about the same length of time.

The explanation provided for the This is my th review. Drawing on over three hundred in-depth interviews with men and women of all ages and every class, Klinenberg reaches a startling conclusion: The statistics surrounding this relatively new phenomenon are staggering since for the first time in history, huge numbers of humans have started to settle down as what author Klinenberg refers to as Singletons.