This novel turns a teen’s fatal condition into a hilarious and hallucinatory quest. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Going Bovine. It helps middle and high school students understand Libba Bray’s literary masterpiece. From the author of the Gemma Doyle trilogy and The Diviners series, this groundbreaking New York Times bestseller and winner of the Michael L.

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Buy the Audiobook Download: That’s when he heads out on a mission libga save himself and the world. Maybe this is it. But that doesn’t really give you much insight into me. During that day he almost got himself killed in a freak drowning accident. He was falling further to the bottom the closer he reached the end of the road.

Hilarious, random, surreal and thought-provoking.

Going Bovine

But I’m sure some of you will enjoy this humor more than I did. I really thought that I would love this book. My least favorite word is “maybe.

I am in awe of Bray’s creative power. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

Things streak past me. And when I do something she doesn’t like, she threatens to find it. Balder on a quest to find something that isn’t there. Cameron is diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, better This book starts out like any typical YA novel – our narrator is Cameron, a sixteen-year-old kid who is dealing with the typical family issues, going to a typical high school, and having typical sixteen-year-old problems and thoughts.


After the Wizard catches up to Cameron, the protagonist defeats him by blowing on a trumpet given to him by a jazz musician in New Orleans.

Going Bovine – Wikipedia

The first thing you notice is her writing style. His only hobby seems to be to listen to music he hates so he can mock it.

His oibba and sister are so unbelievably self-absorbed that I just could not connect with them or Cameron after wading through more than half of the book. While Cameron is hospitalized, the character Dulcie is introduced as a hallucination-induced vision. What does this book MEAN?

There were moments I found myself laughing out loud due to the sheer hilarity of occurrences taking place. Don’t worry; I’ll give you plenty of notice.

Talk to your kids about Like I said, great book. Whether it was the fact that I was busy achieving this book’s theme living life or that the plot seemed to drag, it took me quite a long time to finish this novel. View all 3 comments. Stephanie I think it would have been too long between when that happened and when he got sick.

Other teens smoke, use fake IDs to buy beer, and drink to excess at a TV-show sponsored “party house. Perhaps as an Aussie I just have a different sense of humour and found it too hard to relate? About these links Boivne Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

Going Bovine by Libba Bray | : Books

I have so many questions about what’s happening in Libba Bray’s brain. Gets fired from his job with good reason. I think the length of the book was perfect. Sep 22, Pages Young Adult. But this book isn’t for everyone. The one closest to me evolves as quickly as one of those bovinw lapse photography experiments in science: He had issues like most teenagers.


They free a Brag God who has been cursed into the form of a yard gnome and taken by frats to pose with at national landmarks. A famous explorer or rock star. It was, in itself, filled with personality. Whether you like this book is entirely dependent on whether you like the humor. In fact, I had to have my entire face rebuilt because I smashed it up pretty good.

It’s one I had planned on reading for sometime, but something about the cover kept turning me off. Cameron is such a quirky and fun MC She shows libbx people will do for a little screen time of under the pressure of a cheering crowd. But she convinces him that Dr. Myers — Monster It took six years and thirteen surgeries.

Besides, how could a book of social satire in America not be pivoted around the happiest place on earth that is real to children but not real? Overall, it wouldn’t make my Top List of Not great with subtlety. It’s not hard to guess that the entire thing is all in his head, and it didn’t take me long.