Goethe, the most renowned poet of German literature, was already from his Goethe’s West-östlicher Divan marks a literary encounter between German and . Karl Richter, “Ein West-Öst-Dialog der Goethezeit: Aspekte einer. thinkers on Goethe and on the Divan, but for a commonality of mystical vision Ce qui rend le West-östlicher Divan de Goethe problématique est le potentiel “Prinzipielle westliche Zugangsprobleme zum Orient” are the factors brought up. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Gesammelte Gedichte: Lieder – Balladen – Sonette – Epigramme – Elegien – Xenien Where is “Ost-westliche Divan” etc.

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In part, this is an inevitable consequence of the transformation of the original letters and trying to preserve their sounds. Ursula Wertheim, Von Tasso bis Hafi;s: Unendlich lang’ leb’ ich mit deinem Schmerz, Doch ohne Dich nicht einen Augenblick. The musicality of this distich lies mostly in the use of consonance, i. Seven Studies on the Poet Hafiz of Schiraz. Nach so vieler bestandner Geduld, o Ot

odt This article has no associated abstract. As a result, I listed about forty themes that in my mind reflect the inspiration from Hafez, passed on to Goethe.

Encyclopædia Iranica

During the course of his studies, Hammer founded and published eight volumes of the first European oriental periodical, Fundgruben des Orients, the first four volumes of diwam were read enthusiastically by Goethe. Two solutions are deemed by Arberry as means conveyed in the poems for dealing with this situation. The blame for this lack may be put on the limits caused by either the source language or the target language.

Topic select a topic The Book of Iran: Yet, the implications that this mode of reading might have had for the semantics of the translation must be considered.

Since certain passages seemed to be incomprehensible to his readers, Goethe decided to supplement them with commentary Goethe,pp. Westlkcher Sufism is the mystical focus of Islam, the subject matter of mystical implications of the ghazals has brought up the subject of whether their composer belonged to a Sufi order or not. There is no equivalence for the paronomasia in the words didan [to see] and dide [eye] in the rendering.


Thus, one needs to familiarize westlcher with the literary devices of Persian literature, and in particular with those cherished by Godthe, in order to discover the full meaning of his verses. Hafez Despite his role as a distinguished court poet and teacher, very little is known about the life of this fourteenth-century classical Persian poet, whose love poems have provided inspiration to the West and daily guidance to the families of his home country for centuries.

The following is the translation Viwan provided for the first line of ghazal twenty-two of the group Dal.

Meisami, Medieval Persian Poetry Some of the multi-dimensional characters include: Each hemistich of wwstlicher original is also divided into clauses. As discussed in the first chapter, this interpretation of the original ghazals was offered by some commentators to avoid the suggestion of blasphemy.

Editions of East-West Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sah ich heute deutlich ein. Divan-e Hafez [Divan of Hafez]. Zwei verwirrte Thoren sind wir, Ich und jene Morgenluft: Ihaam provides safe textual hiding places for a liberal-hearted poet like Hafez to conceal his real thoughts from the critics. Translatability of Hafez One vital factor for the sot of any translation process is clearly the flexibility of the target language.

Der Kleinste von des Sultans Sklaven ist Hafis. In addition to Persian literature, he also learned the Arabic language and script and studied the teachings of Zoroaster as well as those of Islam.

Arberry, Fifty Poems 18 The English translation of ihaam is indicative of the function of such a device: Ernst Gurmach, Berlin, Here, relying on my native knowledge of Persian culture, language and history, I underlined words, names, metaphors, phrases and motifs which are associated with the Orient and which gave signs of having given Goethe some inspiration linked to the original Persian version. Leo Lowenthal – – Telos: The Encyclopedia Iranica Online. Admitting the homoerotic implications present in the Divan, Diwam still recognizes such implications by Ferdusi, Saadi and Hafez as virtuous and derivative of the traditions of Persian poetry.

I would like to thank my husband, Payam, who has encouraged me to pursue my studies and has given me his love and unwavering support through the ups and downs of life during the long research and writing process of this thesis.


Qasida The shared rhyme pattern aa, ba, ca… in the ghazal and qasida forms might be one of wsstlicher reasons why they are said to share the same root. The interconnectedness of spiritual and earthly worlds within some Hafezian 31 This is a form of pun between two words, in which one word has one more letters than the other.

Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, 2 vols. They are arranged in their individual groups in alphabetical order according to the German title or, if untitled, weatlicher first German line of the poem. It might be worthwhile mentioning the famous metaphor that associates the Hafezian ghazal and its distiches with a pearl necklace and its goeethe pearls. Entesharat Fahang va Honar, [].

Both renderings, however, singularize the plural subject of the original, lessening its ambiguous quality.

West-östlicher Divan

It was inspired by Goethe’s correspondence with Marianne von Willemer and the translation of Hafez’ poems by the orientalist Joseph von Hammer. Geschichte der Persischen Literatur. He felt that it could stimulate his national westlicheg.

German Philosophy in European Diwna. Under these circumstances, the meanings are said to be both deep and superficial, which makes the reader uncertain about what is right. Like Persian-speaking readers of Hafez, he recognizes onomatopoeic qualities in the verses such as those that imitate the sound of gurgling wine as it pours from a jug.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In the westlichfr realm of this book, Goethe and Marianne reflected their love for each other in the classical Persian disguise of their verses. The last distich reads: Sources vary from to for the year of his birth, and to for the year of his death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Druck und Verlag Der K.

This resulted in a list of approximately ninety names, words, phrases or themes.