Sometimes he can be found in mercenary armies with his Goblin-hewer, if their motives serve Special Rules Multiple Shots (3), Armour Piercing, Move-or-Fire. After seeing the model on the GW website I decided to try and find the rules, and after a lengthy search, found them, as well as a couple of other. Hey guys Im just wondering where the rules for Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin- Hewer can be found. I think from memory it was a white dwarf.

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Malakai and his companions are Slayers and follow all of the normal rules for Slayers. Although seriously deranged and sworn to the Slayer oath, Malakai is still a formidable expert in black powder, mechanics and construction. Malakai Makaisson and his Goblin-hewer may be taken in a Slayer army as a Rare choice. It may also be used in a Dwarf ru,es or an Empire army, in which case it counts as one Hero and one Rare choice.

Roll a D3 for every rank the target has, this is the total number of rolls to Wound you should make.


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Casualties are rulfs just like normal shooting hits. A rapid-firing, axe-throwing extravaganza of destruction, the Goblinhewer is capable of scything through even the most numerous opposition with a hail of blades.

Goblinn follows all of the rules for a normal Dwarf Engineer. For example, goblim unit four ranks deep that is hit by the Goblin-hewer takes 4D3 hits. He built the Spirit of Grungni and is responsible for devising many other ingenious munitions and weapons also. He wears a set of thick optical lenses engraved with a cross-hairs, though he claims it is simply to improve his already superb eyesight, rather than to make up for any deficiency he may be suffering from.

Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin-Hewer

Consists of Malakai Makaisson, two Slayer crew and a single Goblin-hewer. If firing at a single model or skirmishers, or other target hwwer does not use ranks, it inflicts D3 hits.

The spinning axe blades inflict a variable number of hits depending on the number of ranks in the target unit. His latest invention is the Goblin-hewer.

Malakai is a shaven-headed Dwarf, with the customary red-dyed crest and a short leather jerkin with a sheepskin collar, a leather cap with long ear flaps and a cut out for his crest to fit through. The crew are armed with hand weapons and great weapons. However, he is part of the crew and must stay with the Goblin-hewer just like any other war machine crew member. If it were six models wide and hit in the flank, it would suffer 6D3 hits.


How do you use a Goblin Hewer – General Discussion – Game Empire Board

Thought to be the best engineer who ever lived, Malakai Makaisson was drummed out of the Guild of Engineers after the first airship fiasco and became a Slayer. He is originally from Dwimmerdim Vale, way up the north — an isolated place, which is thought to account for his somewhat odd accent. This is a war machine for all purposes.