The Gladiator is a novel (ISBN ) by Simon Scarrow, the ninth book in the Eagle series, where we see the return of Macro and Cato, this time. The Gladiator. Eagles of the Empire, Book 9. While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign against the Parthians, their. The Gladiator [Simon Scarrow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing .

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The Gladiator gladiattor is aimed at the young adult audience, unlike his Eagle series. When 10 year old Marcus Cornelius Primus the main character his father dies. Lists with This Book. This book is pact with suspense, action, adventure, and a lot of perseverance. Roman soldiering at its very best – even by Scarrow’s high standards’ Sunday Sport.

Gladiator: Son of Spartacus by Simon Scarrow – review

Praise for Simon Scarrow: From their, the story takes on common forms. Why simoon there more books on Ancient Rome and gladiators written for boys?

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. T his book is the third in the Gladiator trilogy. In der deutschen Ausgabe ist das sehr viel besser gemacht. I didn’t ecarrow this story but it also wasn’t completely dreadful.

But their control of these waters is threatened sinon the actions of a callous Roman commander Would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the life of a gladiator and in ancient Roman history. Since none is forthcoming, Desimus decides to take it in the form of the family itself. What will happen to Marcus?


When I first saw the book, I immediately thought ‘oooh, there’s something I haven’t seen much of in YA’ and I like when that happens. This new Queen must therefore step out from the shadows cast by Katherine and Anne.

If they can entice the warships out of Ravenna, the pirate force will outnumber the remaining Romans. His father lies murdered by soldiers and his mother has been kidnapped and forced into slavery.

Fight for Freedom

Headline Review Six Tudor Queens: Cato is in his teen years, grew up in the Imperial Palace as a slave, and at the start of the series joins the Eagles as Macro’s Optio. Jane was driven by the strength of her faith and a belief that she might do some good in a wicked world.

He takes heart from the goal that drives him: His family is thrown into hell [well, hypothetically speaking] — his father, a former centurion named Titus, is killed, while his mother, Livia, after a failed plan to get away from their captor is turned into a slave in a winery s This is the first book from the new Gladiator series by Simon Scarrow.

The story itself sticks very keen to it’s boundaries with the ancient Roman Empire timeline. I rolled my eyes so many times I’m surprised that they didn’t fall out of my head. Right from the beginning of the novel, I had to respect young Marcus as he helped out on his family’s farm and later when they started having problems.

Simon Scarrow – Wikipedia

Works by Simon Scarrow. Book 4 of 4. Allies cannot be trusted and foes lurk on all sides. This is Roman empire military fiction, starting with the second invasion of Britain, and continuing with subsequent adventures in every corner of the empire. Jul 06, Aaron rated it it was amazing.


Fight for Freedom (Gladiator, #1) by Simon Scarrow

This book was 2,5 stars for me, some scenes were nicely written, but most of the time it was just a little boring. His life as a trainee gladiator now begins, but his hope of saving his mother is rapidly diminishing. Then the pirates are confronted by the aftermath of a terrible attack by Prefect Canis, commander of the Ravenna fleet and a man who will not rest until every pirate crew has been wiped out.

Marcus is very brave and goes through a great deal, especially after another boy in the school sets his eye on destroying Marcus. A big thank you to the people at Penguin for sending me this book for review!

Unfortunately, few believe the word of a slave. Ein wirklich gelungener und anspruchsvoller historischer Roman, auch wenn er sich vor allem an Kinder richtet. Feb 26, Ben Jeffery rated it it was amazing. Other books in the series. You know what they say.