Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers compiled by Srila Bhakti. Download the Gaudiya Giti-guccha at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Malware free ✓ No extra costs. Gaudiya Giti-guccha – Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers.

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The noose of my devotion remaining forever tight, You will continue to reside in the prison-house of my heart because I will not release You for millions of aeons. The jingling of those gem-bells is exceedingly enchanting. I know I am pamara, most wicked, but please be merciful and give me bhakti for You. I like Vmdavana very much. When will that Sfi Caitanya- deva again become visible to me? You are kindly preaching the message of Gaurasundara and delivering the Western countries which are filled with impersonalism and voidism.

Place me in the midst of Vrndavana, and shower upon me the nectar of Your devotional service.

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

Speak only about Gaura. Therefore, we hope that this songbook will be helpful to the community of devotees all over the world. Ramananda rated it gucchx was amazing Mar 30, Where is Raghunatha dasa GosvamT, the savior of the fallen, conditioned souls?

That secluded spot is also perfectly suitable for me – I will sit right there and relish Their pastimes with you. I am offering a prayer to You.

The Vedas cannot completely describe His glories. In other words, please let it have a taste of the rasa of those gitu feet so that it will then never be attracted to anything else!

O You who held up Giriraja Mandara Mountain! Your lion-like roar causes the envious to tremble and quickly flee while your tender toes gracefully bestow the ultimate benefit for the innocent.


When will He give me the shade of His lotus feet and allow me to enter the marketplace of the holy name? O You who assume the form of a boar! Just as on a moonlit night the kumuda lotus comes to full blossom, my heart will fully bloom night and day in the rays of her moon-like beauty!

With the mercy of Gaurasundara one can obtain the vision of Radha-Syama at the end of life. When will Gcucha be able to live in Vrndavana and be a real VrajavasT? I never wish to see the face of that person whose intelligence is not fixed on Vrajendra-nandana, the very essence and embodiment of all rasa. Vyasa gufcha this knowledge to Madhvacarya, who is also known as Purnaprajna TTrtha and who was the sole refuge for his disciple Padmanabha TTrtha.

Take the association of sadhus and cross over this ocean of birth and death. Kindly keep me here, always giving me their soothing shade. I have fallen into this dark and peril- ous woiidly existence. Snla Sanatana Gosvami vandana vairagya-yug-bhakti-rasam prayatnair apayayan mam anabhipsum andham krpambudhir yah para-duhkha-duhkhi sanatanam tam prabhum asrayami SrT VHapa-kusumanjali gkti, Raghunatha dasa Gosvaml I was unwilling to drink the nectar of bhakti-rasa laced with renunciation, but SrTla Sanatana Gosvarm, being an ocean of mercy who cannot tolerate the sufferings of others, induced me to drink it.

Their hearts are lovingly immersed in the rasa dance. You are also worshiped by the liberated sages.

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

O You who assume the form of half-man, half-lion! Fully devoted to SrT Radha-Krsna, you shine with the brightness of Their seva, which you mercifully shower upon devotees who worship you.

Gucccha beloved of Madhava! O Soma, all glories to you! By Your own volition, please always sweetly appear on my tongue.

Now that I have seen that form of Krsna, more beautiful than a blackish indranila jewel, standing under a kadamba tree, my mind has become unsteady. O merciful Lord, my second request is that after destroying the dense darkness of my offences, please make this miserable person drink the nectar of Your feet. You kill Aristasura, enchant all the young gopis and perform playful pastimes along the banks of the Gkti. Gurudeva has brought me to Mathura Mandala, where Radha and Govinda gigi their pastimes, where the forests, hills, and every creeper, shrub and grain of sand are uddipana stimuli to help me remember Radha and Govinda.


Gaudiya Giti-guccha Download APK for Android – Aptoide

They are the exquisite omament of my life, and indeed are the very essence of my existence. Because Your lotus feet are filled with such wonderful rasa, let the bee of my mind always reside unwaveringly in that nectar which puts everything else to shame, for gjccha are the essence of all sweetness – this is my only prayer. O You who sit upon Garuda!

Then all the sakhas along with Baladeva sit down in rows to take their gigi. Your Master is even more charming than Narayana Bhagavan and His beauty enchants the entire creation. By their preaching they spread the beauty and fragrance of these kuhjas throughout the entire universe to the delight of all.

May that Sri Jagannathadeva be the object of my vision.

I am Your servant only. What did I see today! The mode of ignorance will go, goodness will come in the heart, and one will become the etemal servant of Krsna. Nor can Laksml-devT surpass Her by her natural loving and playful disposition.