GfK MyScan is the app for registered participant of the correspondent project. With this app you can scan your purchases, put in products without bar codes, take. Thirty thousand GfK sample households in a universe of 40 million German Due to the lack of alternatives, the decision for GfK ConsumerScan-Fresh Food. Data sources: GfK Retail Panel / *, Ø annual change, value in EUR million. Average Data source: GfK Consumer Scan (CP+), * MAT11/,.

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Focustopics Those who can, pay more Banks facing a crisis of confidence Responsibility starts in the business Between fear and hope Unity with differences Department stores consumersvan very popular for shopping Consequences of the crisis — a question of perspective Ray of light amid the crisis: Lifestyle drinks have shaken up the market and are increasingly gaining popularity.

Consumer Panels

Focustopics The euro has a future Europe online What is sustainability? We have lift off! If you look at sales over a long period of time, you can identify consumer and lifestyle trends which have been adopted by consumers.

Our international consumer panel research expertise provides fonsumerscan with smart customer insights into who your consumers are, their attitudes and behaviors, across all channels.

If so, you are part of a group of consumers who follow current consumer trends. This website uses cookies.

GFK Consumer Scan

Focustopics Marketing Challenges: Sustainable clnsumerscan — merely a case of lip service? And who wants film downloads taking up precious space on their computer hard drive?


Focustopics The Sharing Economy: Decisive data Getting around in the future Bon appetit, Germany! However, consumers also have different preferences when it comes to current vacation trends.

Focustopics Real or virtual: The annual sales volume has been increasing by 8 percentage points year on year since We use our consumer panel data to explore shopping behavior; where consumers go to find new products, how they research and compare products, how they use them and the factors that drive their decision making and path to purchase. Index tumbles into negative territory for the first time in 15 months. Increasingly well connected Sustainability: This helps drive business performance and your bottom line.

Justin Bieber uses it as a way to relax and many German consumers discovered this new trend for themselves: Chic is a click away Economic outlook: Focustopics A question of trust Perfectly styled with a brand logo Organic? One thing is for sure: Heated debates on which diets or meal plans are the most effective often take place around the kitchen table.

Shiitake mushrooms, chia seed muesli — the sky is the limit Manufacturers of protein-rich food, such as high-protein bread or protein bars, saw much bigger increases. Work worth living for Trust pays off Worries in the face of reality The power of others Trust has to be earned Is nuclear energy on the way out?

Evidently, more and more people are taking this view, instead choosing to enjoy their favorite music or the latest series online, rather than holding onto them or saving them for a long time. Brand Roadshow ; Navigating the jungle of consumer and communication trends.


Consumer Panel | GfK Global

What is the meaning of price? Later on, she will meticulously enter the number of calories into a smartphone app. They are also doing something for the environment at the same time. More than a buzzword E-commerce for everyday consumables: We identify key consumer trends and use comsumerscan segmentation to pinpoint ideal target audiences, identify market opportunities and help you develop actionable strategies for growth. Ease of use and products which eradicate germs both at home and on the go are of importance to consumers when purchasing cleaning products and detergents.

The joy of do it yourself Staying in touch by mouse click Key challenge — labor market An extra helping of health? She prepares a vegetarian snack of tofu and bean sprouts for her lunch to take to work.

Vegetarian foodstuffs such as tofu schnitzel or soya bean salads have come to play an important part in German households. I post, therefore I like A German shopping week Moving forward with security.

Evidently people value both sport and comfort when they are on the move. Cookies enable us to understand how visitors use our website so that we can improve it and provide the best experience possible.