THE purpose of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme is to provide the northern portion of the Gezira Plain with a plentiful supply of water for the purpose of cotton. This report examines how the design of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme has resolved many of the distribution problems still found in more recently. High potential of natural resources but low agricultural productivity are main characteristics of Gezira Irrigation Scheme in Sudan. Located in.

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Each acheme divided into blocks with block inspector on top of each, assisted by a number of inspectors. The major components of these sub-sectors are large-scale schemes, which are Gezira, Rahad and New Halfa. After harvest, cotton cultivated lands provides a rich posture for livestock. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

The authoritarian origins of well-organized opposition parties: Google Buzz Stumble Upon Delicious. You must accept the terms and conditions. This is affected by the length of time and by the discount factor used. Agricultural sector is the most important sector in terms of its contribution to both Growth Domestic product GDP and employment. The partnership agreement regulated the duties and rights of each partner. Reginald Wingatethe British governor-general of Sudan, originally envisaged the farmers growing wheat but this was abandoned as the colonial authorities thought that a better cash crop was needed.

Cotton is not perishable commodity and can be transported for long distances and stored for long periods of time without losing its competitive qualities.

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The production relations in Gezira scheme is based on the partnership agreement between the tenants, the board of directors and the government, which was mainly directed towards the promotion of cotton production neglecting to some irrigatoon the production of other crops which were the responsibility of the tenants themselves.

The Nile system is the main feature in the schemme, starting in Lake Victoria and running through the country for two and a half thousand miles. The difference in the value of the same sum of money in two different periods is determined by the discount factor.


The syndicate at its own cost established another pilot pumping station to irrigate feddans at Barakat and additional pumps followed at Hag Abdalla, and Wad EL nor south of Barakat. In the Sudan cotton has been the most important cash crop and foreign-currency earner.

All language versions and volumes across World Bank Repositories. The rise of Chadema in Tanzania. Can’t read the image? Improvements in traditional cultivation practices would affect yields positively, but a sustained increase in yields requires a nontraditional technological innovation. It calculates the present value of future cash flows.

Map irrigatioon the Gezira and Managil irrigated area by groups. The function of this council is to discuss and settle all problems facing the agricultural program. For practical purpose, now it includes only the triangle lying North of Sennar, Kosti railway, a gross area of some 5 million feddan [ 3 ].

The marketing of cotton at the time the Sudan syndicate, after irrigatino of cotton trade during the May regime when solutions took over the marketing for cotton and later in when Sudan Cotton Corporation was transferred in to the Sudan Cotton Company Limited Public company. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. It was found that the mean area allocated in this period for cotton productionFeddan, the mean geziraa amounted to 2, Kentar, average yield 3.

The surface of soil of the Gezira with high clay content. But, the technology is still new and implications are not fully understood. Its account was charged with various deductions and costs which do not related to cotton.

It is characterized with a variety of climates zones from the desert in the North to tropical zone irrigtaion the South. Article PDF first page preview.

Sudanese farmers ‘desperate’ about El Gezira Agricultural Scheme

The Gezira which means “island” is particularly suited to irrigation because the soil slopes away from the Blue Nile and water therefore naturally runs through the irrigation canals by gravity. Cotton is a permanent source of income for farmers. Now cotton is cultivated in both the rain fed and irrigated sectors and has a great competitive force.


The Atbra River is dry for practically the whole of this period. In the Sudan cotton is the most important cash crop and foreigncurrency earner. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. To purchase short term irrigstion, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Two important measures of project worth incorporate the principle of discounted measures: Ann Jose ankara escort.

Inthe first pump was installed and Egyptian cotton was grown. Water from the Blue Nile is distributed through canals and ditches to tenant farms lying between the Irrigatipn and White Nile rivers. The main objective of this study is the economic evaluation of cotton production in the Gezira Scheme. The board of directors was assigned to the managerial tasks in a way that made the scheme operated efficiently.

GEZIRA IRRIGATION SCHEME, SUDAN | African Affairs | Oxford Academic

scgeme It seemed that its cultivation was transferred from India to west Asia to Africa. This system gave efficient tenants the reaps of their efforts since each tenant is considered individually. The success of the experiment resulted, into an extension of area to feddans.

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Gezira Scheme | irrigation project, Sudan |

That means the major factor affecting cotton production was the area allocated for cotton. In Sennar Dam was built and the Gezira Scheme came into being. Water resources management and irrigation by country. A History of the Wellcome Trust Sign In Forgot password?