Geuder AG ranks among the leading manufacturers of ophthalmologic surgical instruments and devices. With more than 3, different precision instruments. who is aware of quality and environment. Our catalogue, in addition to classic standard instruments also displays the most representative current instruments as. The continuous exchange with doctors gives us knowledge of new surgical techniques and the changing demands on instruments and devices. This gives us.

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The flat-head trocar releases a third standard trocar for a second instrument Patient safety: Secure seating in the sclera and no “slipping out” of the port during surgery due to the threaded shaft design Bioflex tubes: Every year we hire young people to start their three geudfr a half years of training to become surgical engineers.

Online Instruments Catalogue

What we do today sets the course for tomorrow. Success obliges to take on social responsibility.

Precise, firm grip for perfect peeling Hattenbach wave designs: Geuder precision – clear colour coding for 20, 23 and 25 gauge Precise and dimensionally accurate Extremely tactile and perfectly balanced Excellent surface characteristics Ergonomic soft grip design. Hybrid forceps combine end gripping and crocodile designs into perfect combination-forceps Crocodile design: Curved laser probes suitable for trocar-assisted PPV.

For more than 65 years Geuder AG has combined its instfuments tradition with technological developments. Easily manoeuvrable port can slide under the orbit Membrane lock port: Firm cutting – the shear blades are guided by the slotted geuedr shaft.

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The Geuder Group represents innovation and research.

The Geuder group

Attached mount enables oil to be injected at up to 6 bar. Quality management As a manufacturer of ophthalmic products, Geuder AG maintains a quality management system according to the following guidelines: The cornerstone of our success lies in our traditional handicraft. Geuder AG has been one of the most innovative eye surgical product manufacturers for the past 65 years.

Product information for download UNO Colorline brochure. Scissors For precise, clean cutting Single-use instruments in Geuder quality Two component system Sterile tips and reusable handle Highest geude Compatible with a variety of laser probes Complete flexibility: Our formula for success: Shaping the future We are involved in the support program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the aim of developing future technologies, we cxtalog cooperate with institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for the study of surface coatings and bio-compatible materials.

Easy access — no time consuming searching thanks to the one-step chandelier system Bi-manual surgery: The flat catalof design enables generous mobility of the bulbus Self-sealing incision: UNO Colorline Single-use instruments for vitreoretinal surgery: Soft grip handle rests perfectly in the hand.

Our team of 40 surgical, microsurgical and precision instrument engineers are among the best in their field. Short tips for excellent visibility along the instrument tip. The identification number of the previous Notified Body CE remains valid for the products we have hitherto first placed on the market, until their shelf life has expired.

Products: Geuder AG

Secure, firm grip for removing larger tissue structures Tano Design: Compatible with all Geuder devices. The continuous exchange with doctors gives us knowledge of new surgical techniques and the changing demands on instruments and devices. Instrumente GmbH manufactures life-saving drug delivery systems for the treatment of serious pulmonary diseases.


Efficient cutting — the shear blades cut across their entire length Highest precision: Geuder AG Precision products for the whole world “made in Germany”. Trocar system Optimised for best self-sealing incisions Designed by Hattenbach and Nikolic One-step or two-step Including 3 ports and infusion tubing Sterile Low trocar head: On-request we also manufacture custom made precision instruments bearing the personal signature of the surgeon.

Membraned port enables the use of soft instrumnts instruments and prevents IOP peaks Anti-slide port: That is why we rely on the most highly qualified product developers available: Fibre optics For a safe and efficient illumination Various different geometries Spot Wide angle Wide angle, shielded Sterile Individual choice: Modern treatments would not be possible without precise instruments, innovative devices and highly effective and efficiently compatible vitreoretinal fluids.

Safe, traction-free surgery close to the retina Best cutting nistruments Optimised for best self-sealing incisions Designed by Hattenbach and Nikolic.


After five more years of practical experience we know that a new generation of specialists is ready cattalog meet the ever growing demands.

They work on a daily basis with our ophthalmic surgical instruments, systems and biomaterials. Provided with a fixed stop to prevent the light conductor from unintentionally slipping down Manoeuvrable bulbus: