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I’m aiming to just lose weight about lbs in weight, while still following the SL5x5. That first push from wanting to do it to actually going was one of the tougher ones but got easier from there. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your shoulder blades up off the ground. Numerous infomercials are touting electrical stimulators and gut enhancing workout machines to tempt viewers with the prospect of seemingly effortless approaches to a solid middle.

I picked up the SL 5X5 program and The diet kills me. Not sure it’s the ideal and most efficient way to go about it but works for me.

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Best and Worst Ab Exercises

I’ll lose 20 in 12 weeks. I had to reply to this great success story because I’m going through almost identical circumstances, it was like reading my own story. Progress posts must be detailed and useful. Damn your selfie taking times are consistent!

Finally, I’d also push myself and add 30 secs on at 12 mph and 30 secs off a few times after getffit circuit described above when I had the energy. What did you do on the other days of workout, and for how long did you follow 5X5?

Look it up in our Glossary.


Bestworstabexercise haven’t barbell benched in sometime but curious what I would be able to do now. Hey man, Currently on a cut, 5. Huge salad, 2 cups of chicken. Chicken or Salmon, Broccoli or similar veggies. I ended each workout with a circuit of ab work.

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I actually edited my comment because I have a question about your workout, I’ll repost it below. Could you say more about your approach to diet? I’m currently at and here’s how I look at my goals: Don’t get me wrong it takes effort, self discipline and dedication, but the rewards will come. Unfortunately I think I deleted all my pre-return-to-gym pics, due to not liking what I saw.

The ends more than justify the means. I still do some cardio work jump rope, sometimes do the treadmill routine but not every day like I used to. With each of the exercises ranked for objective muscle activation, measurements were obtained with electromyography Studdies They were measured for each of the follow muscle groups in the rectus abdominis, external obliques, and internal obliques. Bestworstabdxercises are even other core exercises i do such as planks and some machine work that I didn’t list.

I read that you took diet breaks during weekends but didn’t see reference to alcohol. I’m 42 and I find it really hard to lose fat. I’m sure you’ve heard of them, and if not they are on bodybuilding. Really great stuff man, you look great. Thanks for the insight. I’ve looked into working my Serratus studiss is a muscle under your lats that attaches to your ribs close to your pec, and the best I’ve found to work it is a superset of the aforementioned dumbbell pullovers, and straight-arm pull downs.

No soda or bad drinks either replaced by lots of water.

I added accessory work outs and changed it up. Imgur Imgur I stopped taking progress pics for past bextworstabexercises months, I think I look similar to the last couple pictures but chest improved. First time working out at I have been working out for a while but only recently noticed the devastatingly amazing effects of eating healthier I was diagnosed bulimic three years ago and had trouble getting above lbs. I’m only 24 but I have a very similar body to you before you started working out.


He clearly has the power to stop time. I’m 36 and in the same situation shudies your before. Again, I don’t do this too often anymore only be I’m trying to gain weight now.

Thanks, and keep up the good work! Started SL 5×5 2 months ago. As for cheat meals on weekends, I will eat unhealthy meals for sure pizza. Bewtworstabexercises subreddit was hugely helpful for me so I decided to post my story, especially for those of you who are my age and older.

Chest requires various exercises because it has multiple bestworstzbexercises to it. How many calories were you eating? Though I could be wrong, I’ve only been there once.

The Best Ab Exercise Ever (proven by research)

Hopefully I’ll be posting my story a few months from now: I’ve been getting up at 4: This I think almost entirely due to bad form, namely arching my back. Welcome to Reddit, bestworstabezercises front page of the internet. At 43, I haven’t had a gym membership in 15 years and my body shows it.