Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin Classics) [Georges Perec, John Sturrock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “One of the most . One of the most significant literary personalities in the world.”—Italo Calvino Georges Perec, author of the highly acclaimed. Georges Perec, author of th highly acclaimed Life: A User’s Manual, was only forty-six when he Species if Spaces / Especes d’espaces. (). For Pien e.

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And his schtick is mostly ‘list’ mania. In getting to know a few square meters, Ov writes And with these, the sense of the world’s concreteness, irreducible, immediate, tangible, of something clear and closer to us: Note down what you can see. You should read anything and everything Perec. Not “without exact function”, but exactly without function; not multi-functional anyone can do that but afunctional.

I had to read a piece of it for a class but ended up finishing the whole book in the end. Is to live in a place to take possession of it? One white thread sticking out note: This man was a genius.

In our haste to measure the historic, significant and revelatory, let’s not leave aside the essential: Part of this inviting friendliness comes from him inviting you to do the same as him. An interesting choice, I feel a good one. Apr 27, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. His novella Les revenentes is a complementary univocalic piece in which the letter “e” sapces the only vowel used.


Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

Placid small thought no 1 Any cat-owner will rightly tell you that cats inhabit houses much better than people do. Testudo—a stuffed version—also stands gracefully atop the tall and wide bookshelf A-M along with other novelties: He planted some obvious mistakes in his texts, to give a gentle reminder that not everything can be labeled or can even be true.

This was pf first book by Perec, and even though I was intrigued egorges some of the reviews, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. He peels layers off the world around us like casually picking away at a piece of fruit.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec

It is a living, difficult reality that the power of words gradually overcomes. Thanks to how easily Perec made it if to spill letters all over the blank space, I am happy to give this book my first review.

Its subject is — spaces.

From here he starts on the spaces of lived experience. Finally, Sturrock has a go at presenting Perec’s New Year’s puzzles — verbal games which he devised for his friends, which Sturrock notes were: I have confessed my love for Perec many times in many venues example: They are expected to form a pfrec, and it’s a serious defect in them when they don’t do so.


Species of Spaces and Other Pieces – Georges Perec

Correction 3 11 Nov 15, Just read it and let it make its way inside you the way it’s meant to. This couch has been in sapces houses.

La gente nelle strade: Georges Perec was born in Paris, the son of Polish Jews. Although most of it was read in the bed, Perec does a chapter on the bed.

Does that sound familiar? Be the first to ask a question about Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.

Autobiography — and self-analysis, in all senses — are a preoccupation for Perec, constantly repeated, whether in writing “I was born on 7. I wonder what Perec would have made of the Megabyte. He feels like a friend, not just a writer. He can blow on his hands to warm them up, and blow on his soup to cool it down.