If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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To begin, let’s look at block devices. In the remainder of this document, the handbook will assume that the operating network interface is called eth0.

This document covers the installation using official Gentoo Installation media or, in certain cases, netbooting.

Another popular optimization flag is -pipe use pipes rather than temporary files for communication between the various stages of compilation. Post as a guest Name. This is because the user now logs on to – for SSH – a different server namely the freshly installed Gentoo system rather than the live environment that the installation is currently using.

This isn’t always the case though, so results may vary. Skip the rest of this section gdntoo continue with Preparing the disks.

Gentoo Linux amd64 Handbook: Installing Gentoo – Gentoo Wiki

Those who are still interested in MBR hey – it happens! Gentoo is all about choices. Edit it according to personal preference. We also provide a Gentoo installation tips and tricks document that might be useful to read as well.


If the tests are positive, congratulations! This ensures that the network is functioning properly and that the network packets are reaching amd664 net, DNS name resolution is working correctly, etc.

A commonly used value is native as that tells the compiler to select the target architecture of the current system the one users are installing Gentoo on. Using parted to partition the disk.

When all is done, the network connection should work. Just navigate to gwntoo mirrors of choice and press Spacebar to select one or more mirrors. I am lost at https: Next inform Linux about the network environment. Below you will find a quick summary of the supported architectures and the abbreviation used in Gentoo. Be aware though, as genkernel compiles a kernel that supports almost all hardware, this compilation will take quite a while to finish!

As a result of the shift towards predictable network interface namesthe interface name on the system can be quite different from the old eth0 naming convention.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

Next select the exact processor type. However, using grub2 is a suitable option. Note The –make-rslave operations are needed for systemd support later in the installation. A detected network card would result in something like this again, eth0 here is just an example:. Important Although still supported by most motherboard manufacturers partition tables are considered legacy.


Suggestions, comments, or ideas on how to make the Handbook better can be reported to the Handbook project via the Discussion page of the respective article.

Possible classes are s for size-optimized0 zero – for no optimizations1, 2 or even 3 for more speed-optimization flags every class has the same flags as the one before, plus some extras.

This can be tuned even further by providing the ratio:. In the above output, two SHA checksums are shown – one for the install-amdminimal However, one thing is true: To save the partition layout and exit fdisktype w. A profile is a building block for any Gentoo system.

Before installing Gentoo, it is a good idea to be sure the date and time are set correctly. Both situations reach beyond the scope jandbook this Handbook.