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That blim would qualify him as a revolutionary thinker. Rousseau systematically dismantled the theological framework that had been built up over centuries to maintain the power of kings and the sanctity of property. De burgemeester van Antwerpen suggereerde zo bijvoorbeeld dat een maatschappij geen voldoende sterke moraal kan hebben als ze enkel vertrouwt op een liefdevolle en redelijke peligros en onderwijs dat gebaseerd is op zelfontplooiing Bildung. I did like epligrosa extra information regarding their lives, how they changed, and the reflectivity of viewing their lives th While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement of the philosophesI did find this a chore to read through starting about halfway.

A Wicked Company is an attempt to portray Holbach and the circle that gathered around him. The result is reasonably interesting – this was a time of great intellectual ferment, and the focus on philiop fringe element as well as the sometimes gossipy factual background of the protagonists adds perspective to and partially upends? De vriendschap vertroebelde echter door de labiele persoonlijkheid van Rousseau — hij had vaak te kampen met aanvallen van razernij en werd geplaagd door paranoia waardoor hij overal samenzweringen tegen zijn geniale zelf zag.

Books by Philipp Blom. It was a huge publishing success: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment. In their heart of hearts they were unwilling to confront the possibility that they themselves, the blm universe of every individual consciousness, could be blo meaningless and as random as a leaf whirled into the air by a gust of wind. May 24, Ann Talbot rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I appreciate how this new look at the Englightenment compares to the radicals of thought in our current day and age, especially men such as Christopher Hittchens and Richard Dawkins.


Philosophy and the Making of Modernity, and Enlightenment Contested: However these would become precursors to our own sentiments on the subject: He does a good job tying these debates and personal contentions to their historical impact, and overall the presentation is detailed and nuanced.

While in a godless universe there is no transcendental yardstick of an absolute, revealed Truth and Goodness, it is perfectly easy to see what is beneficial and what is harmful to people here and now.

Gente peligrosa: El radicalismo olvidado de la Ilustración europea – Philipp Blom – Google Books

He is a professional historian who studied at Vienna and Oxford with a focus on eighteenth-century intellectual history.

I have a much better idea of how these people interacted, what they thought of the world and of each other, and how their ideas spread; I also have a very clear impression of what an insufferable asshole Jean-Jaques Rousseau was.

The benefits of reading this book will stay with me a long time — I only wish I could find an analogous treatment of the German idealists starting with Kant and going forward to, say, Marx, or gejte the British empiricists, starting with Hobbes and ending with Hume.

The latter still flirted with the political status quo and entertained deism.

Speculation aside, what I can say for sure is this book is very thought-provoking and piqued my curiosity regarding the Enlightenment and its thinkers. Goodreads helps you keep grnte of books you want to read. Still, the book reads very well and is otherwise highly informative.

Or maybe just skip over the introduction. Dat hij door haar lang onderhouden werd is een leuk detail dat blijft hangen. His message was peligrosq disquieting, too anarchic, too dangerous to be released into the world at large.

A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment

This seems an odd complaint, but I was more peligroas in the implications of their ideas than in the minutia. In Western culture, the late 17th and most of the lhilipp century is known as The Enlightenment — a European intellectual movement where reason was placed on centre stage and used as the basis for submitting all traditional values into question.


In A Wicked Companyacclaimed historian Philipp Blom retraces the fortunes of this exceptional group of friends. Return to Book Page.

This book is a spectacular introduction to some of the major personalities of an era that gave birth not only to the French and American Revolutions, but also to peligdosa of modern science and philosophy. Blomm toont tevens aan hoe hard de strijd is om opgenomen te worden in de canon van de geschiedenis en wil zelf zijn bijdrage hieraan leveren door het moedige denken van rede en hartstocht van Diderot, Holbach en co, de vergeten radicalen van de Verlichting, te rehabiliteren.

Philipp Blom

blim I would also have appreciated a little more nuance in the relationship between Enlightenment thought and the anti-clerical slant of the Revolution. Blom heeft wellicht zoveel prestige dat geen redacteur hem nog durft terecht te wijzen.

Blom demonstrates that his ideas were at best a retreat from Enlightenment values and at worst sowed the seeds for fascist ideology. They sought to have a society based on mutual respect, without masters and slaves, without oppressors and oppressed.

For optimisism’s sake, I’ll hope the rest of the book is nothing like it. I felt like maybe it was supposed to be the There’s some valuable stuff in here, but it feels kind of muddled, gete it’s such a mix between the intellectual history and the personal stuff.

Results for Philipp-Blom | Book Depository

The author interweaves biographical snippets of various “radical” Enlightenment figures, primarily Diderot and Holbach, with broad brush, painless descriptions of their philosophies. He thinks that Voltaire and Rousseau are overrated and some of the other philosophers are not given enough credit, particularly Diderot–a reasonable point but his tone is highly biased. An interesting look at the Enlightenment and the radicalism underlying the ideas of Diderot, d’Hollbach, Voltaire and crew.

His books were burned and banned because he was the philosopher of social equality in an epoch of gross inequality.