M Dragan, W Dragan. Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 36 (2), , 16, Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii . Oniszczenko, A Sobolewski. Przegląd Psychologiczny 45 (2), , Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii. W Oniszczenko, WŁ Dragan. Oniszczenko W., Dragan W.Ł. Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii. badania asocjacyjne całego genomu (GWAS) wniosły do psychiatrii?,

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Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 36 2, Genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of schizophrenia – towards mainstreaming.

Oniszczenko, Włodzimierz

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. European Journal of …. GWAS research studies allow not only determining the point mutations in the genome, but also try to give an answer to the question about the biological mechanisms of disease.

Bussa i Roberta Plomina. Behavioral Genetic Research in Poland more. Personality and Individual Differences 83, Some evidence already exists indicating that dopamine has the potential to modulate different aspects Personality and Individual Differences 43 3, The results must be treated with ggenetyka, however, due to methodological restrictions and they need to be replicated on a larger sample. The findings support the metacognitive model of psychopathology and psycholoogii that temperament is associated with metacognitions implicated in psychopathology and may have both direct and metacognitively psycholohii effects on anxiety.

The mediating role of metacognition M Dragan, W Dragan Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 36 2, A review of recent findings, The following articles are merged in Scholar.


Method A cross-sectional design was applied in this study. We showed that recipient sex and sexual orientation strongly influenced the evaluation of erotic content. Genetic determinants and personality correlates of sociopolitical attitudes in a Polish sample W Oniszczenko, U Jakubowska Twin Research and Human Genetics 8 1, Jan 1, Publication Name: From twins to genetic polymorphisms: Association between dopamine D4 receptor exon III polymorphism and emotional reactivity as a temperamental trait more.

The work done at the University focuses primarily on the origins of individual differences in temperament and other personality traits. This article is a presentation of genes and the impact of psycyologii external environmental factors, leading to the onset of schizophrenia.

The study was run on participants women and men aged 18 to 55 years sampled from healthy male and female volunteers recruited from inhabitants of the Warsaw metropolis. Psychology and Gentyka Science.

Robert Plomin

The following articles are merged in Scholar. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 13, — New articles by this author. We also focused on the heritability of socio-political attitudes, risk factors for human health, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Metacognition predicted state anxiety and relationships were independent of temperament.

A psychklogii pattern of relationships between the intensity of the tempera-mental trait and the occurrence of anxiety and depression depending on the amount of reported adversity may result from the cumulative effect of the negative consequences of this type of experience.


De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Wojciech Łukasz Dragan – Google Scholar Citations

MethodThe validation procedure included three studies conducted on samples of separate populations: Confirmatory factor analysis CFA generally confirmed both the three-factor structure and the alternative five-factor structure of the questionnaire.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

In the group with high levels of adversity, no such relationship was observed for either of the two disorders. Issue 4 First Online: Definitely, a large group of environmental factors has an important role. Blood pressure 12 1, The present study examined the relations between temperamental traits distinguished in regulative theory of temperament, state anxiety, and metacognition as postulated in self-regulatory executive function S-REF theory of emotional Genetic influence on blood pressure and lipid parameters in a sample of Polish twins.

We found a significant association with rs, the single nucleotide polymorphism in intron 4 of dopamine transporter gene DAT1. New articles related to this author’s research. Current Problems of Psychiatry. The system can’t perform psychologji operation now.

On the relationship between temperament, metacognition, and anxiety: Click here to sign up. The Mediating Role of Metacognition more.