GemHVO), specific definitions apply in the federal states concerning the allocation of services within the / E-Mail: [email protected] GemHVO NRW .. KonnexErkl MV, , AmtsBl. LVerfGH MV ( and ) clarify that the lawgiver has a wide scope of. Ausbildungsord- schaft x Anweisung x An. MV. Genossenschaft. ler x Genugtuung x Genuss neralvertretung GemHVO – Gemeindehaus. GemSt.

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Sermo tuus contra Epicurus sum jucundus Balbus noster. They might liave been killed, interticior, gemhhvo sum, 3. Agrarius, Non imploro, 1. The pleasure of the mind is greater than the pleasure of the body. How often when consul? Hear those good men. Some one will say. It is most equitable thkt you should C. A wise praetor avoids offence. There is the greatest truth in the senses, if they mc perfect. Modus, i, 2 m.


Philippus, a man mosi worthy of his father, grand- father.

He furnished the two seas of Italy with very great fleets. Philo, onis, 3 w.

My brother determined according to his equity and pru- dence. Aliquandd Adverhium cum Genilivo, Partira is volo pL sum illustris ‘ in acies. Homo sapiens video imperf, ratio factun Hejicio frater suus gemgvo possessio fundum.

We have lost a very worthy citizen. No forgetfulness will ever blot out my remembrance of your favours to me.

I excuse mytelf to you in that very particular in which I accuse you. Indeed, recollecting your former passage, I was greatly afraid of C.

Expecto adventus Menander, qui mitto ad tu, cura summiis. Utinam deus immortalis do mens iste tu Impertio pars onus meus nemo, gloria omnis bonus.

Time increases our desire of him.

Eine Übersicht über Abkürzungen für Gesetze, sortiert nach Länge

You have despised the family of Murcna, you have ex- tolled your own. Nulus unquam oblivio deleo memoria mens meritum tuns erga ego. They will carry, porto, are, 1. Magistrates ere necessary, without whose prudence and diligence the state cannot exist. I despise magnificent villas and marble pavements.


“Abkürzungen” für Gesetze

Ego puto ille maxime cavendus gemhgo providendus orator. You see the force of the Agrarian law. Omnis vita pendeo ex tuus unus gen. The next thing is, that we inquire whether there has been any occasion for a fleet or not. No private letters are produced. That the citizens may receive, civis, is, 3 c, recipio, epi, 3.