I bought an 8A Gearmatic Winch a few years back and have yet to try to mount it to my crawler. I have a ’59 JD crawler. Looks like it should. I Have a gearmatic 8A and the parts book and operating manual. The manual also covers the 8G. I have been able to get parts from a local JD. wanted parts manual or copy,info for winch gearmatic 8a on my jd crawler where i can find parts for restore thanks.

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Now is the time to do it, I would even remove the winch from your Deere and replace the bearings on the input shaft in the winch. I have an air chisel with a blunt end, an acetylene torch, and assorted blocks and big hammers to assist. Not geaarmatic snow here and the ground is still too squishy. The replacement bushing may not be a tight fit if the casting hole is worn. Unless it is free, or you can get it for scrap value, walk away if you can not get the cover off.

I’ve ordered new bearings – two: The will seal the bushing to the casting so the fluid does not leak from the reservoir.

Convinced the guy to gewrmatic me one. It has an adhesive back and comes in a rectangular shape. All of them would not budge.

Gearmatic 8a Winch/Controller Rebuild – JDcrawlers Messageboard

In the meantime, Gdarmatic researching the availability of the gearmatuc seal – federal Mogul Very helpful individual when it comes to the old winch. Gwarmatic did have to look thru some of my old photobucket pictures to jog my memory Who is online Users browsing this forum: Easy on the flame wrench. I have two new sealed rsnp bearings 30 on the schematic on the way as well as the clutch cover bearing 2rs.


May buy a replacement for this one too while it’s easy to get to now. Paul, unfortunately 60 years of knowledge on these winches is slowly being lost, like a lot of similar older equipment. Go slow, it will come off. I’ll do some homework. Last edited by Paul Buhler on Mon Dec 12, Notmeu sent me a sample of what he used when he did his winch – thanks Tom.

Gearmatic 8a winch rebuild

So, that means no contractions! The threads for the adjustment screw can get pretty buggered up and you may need to chase them from inside the casing rather than from outside at the bottom of the casing.

To get the brake band off, remove the actuator located on top of the winch – it connects to the remote control lever that mounts on the fender, and you’ll have access to the top of the rod that Lavoy mentioned.

So basically a 12″x8″x2. With the cover off, clean up things enough so that you will be able to see potential leaks. If the brass bushing around the handle shaft needs to be replaced, use Loctite on the bushing.

I wound up using various feeler gauges to get a go-no-go fit that allowed the clutch to “free-wheel” until engaged, but still has a close enough gap to engage and winch in as it should. Am I correct in this interpretation? Vearmatic Deluxe seat frame will need to be cut or shimmed up to avoid interference with the brake cylinder located on top of the winch.

Bought a Timkin, it’s on its way. If you go to Paccarwinch. Yep, she’s been used and abused.


Gearmatic 8 A project – JDcrawlers Messageboard

I used self- made paper gaskets glued one side with Permatex gasket shellac, and soaked them with oil before assembling. Hope the info is helpful to someone in the future. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Keeps things a little cleaner.

If replacing the wire rope, the drum is an over-wound, right to left set gearmqtic, so use left lay wire rope if you can. Once you get in the habit of going thru those motions Its not that bad at all. Then, use the edit function to enter the rest of your post.

IM beond the time in my life to learn this new stuff. It’s handy having part numbers, approximate prices and your thoughts. Thickness seemed to be perfect, with right amount of contact on the shaft, but not too tight. There is other materials but I do not think they last as long.

JDcrawlers Messageboard

gearmafic I’m hoping that a gap of. If I do damage this seal, what is its replacement number? The X controller uses two different cylinders for the clutch and the brake. Also, suspect you know this trick, but use the pot warmer on a coffee maker to heat up your bearings so that they slide onto the shaft easily without cooking the bearing seals. Christmas from me, But is at the moment on a pallet in my garage now thanks to a couple of friends.

A single pour would actually be preferable as we are not a high production foundry.