Gaston Naessens. President. I am the biologist researcher engineer who developed a unique optical instrument, the Somatoscope, capable of observing. X or X, also referred to as “trimethylbicyclonitramineoheptane chloride”, is a mixture of X was developed by Gaston Naessens, a native of France and tried there for practicing medicine without a license. Naessens moved to. What Rife accomplished optically in the s with his Universal Microscope, Gaston Naessens accomplished with a combination of optics and electronics in.

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But that’s the way it is.

Focusing on Solutions,” announced the development of an Ergonomx micro-scope, used by a German Heilpraktiker, or healer, Bernhard Muschlien, who paid a visit to Naessens’s laboratory in The tribulations and the multiple trials naessens by Naessens will come to an end only when an enlightened populace exerts the pressure needed to make the rulers of its health-care naexsens see the light.

All such testimonies are purely suggestive and anecdotal. It had been described in the literature as crasse nwessens dross [waste products] in the blood and Naessens had been able to descry it, if only in a blurry way, in the microscopic instruments up to then available to him.

Incredibly, Naessens’ research has naessebs in the association of degenerative diseases rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer gastno AIDS with the development of forms in the sixteen-stage pathological cycle. In this determination, he was blessed by having what in French is called a jeunesse doreeor gilded childhood—”born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” as the English equivalent has it. Returning to the biography of Naessens, during the s, the precocious young biologist began to develop novel anticancer products that had exciting new positive effects.

Their functions encompass anti-tumor, anti-viral and anti-bacterial activities and they induce immune cell growth, differentiation, activation, chemotactism, adhesion ggaston immunosuppression.

Over the next year, the lump grew as large as a grapefruit. These responses are specific to bacteria, viruses or immature cells. If medical “experts” pronounce my product worthless, it might even be admitted that, in terms of their own scientific philosophy, they are making some sense. In both cases, a stimulation of the immune system and an increase in the tumor necrosis factor, which is also classified among immunostimulating factors, occur. The wavelengths of light generated are related to the size of the object and the health of the cell.


Because official medicine had long considered cancerous cells to be basically “fermentative” in nature, reproducing by a process that, while crucial to making good wine from grape juice, produces no such salutary effect in the human body, Naessens’s new product incorporated naessenz “anti-fermentative” property.

The field units are capable of magnifying 6, diameters, although routine work will usually be at 3, diameters.

Gaston Naessens and Somatid biology

Just naesens then, so now, years later, she continues her loyal assistance to get this truth out. The ability to culture somatids is a bellwether to the rewriting of microbiology!

The product he developed gastkn derived from camphor, a natural substance produced by an East Asian tree of the same name. Gaston Naessens “was arrested in Quebec in and charged with four counts of illegal practice of medicine and one count of contributing to the death of a patient.

Gaston Naessens’ 714X / 714-X Cancer Treatment

How did a researcher such as Gaston Naessens, endowed with genius, come to land in so dire a situation? The Somatoscope has enabled researchers to discover the importance of colour and its relationship to the material being observed. Guide Resources The light, which contains the carrier and a mixture of selected signals in the UV range, stimulates the biological material nzessens the Agston to the point that the specimens give off their own light.

To get a more complete idea of the full impact of Roy’s attitude with respect to a brand new treatment and patients benefiting from it, we here excerpt some of his additional statements made during an interview on McGill University’s Radio Station in the summer of This procedure can only assist the organism by promoting a strong local and systemic gasston response.

It produces no harmful side effects. To understand that, you have to real-ize that, every day, our bodies produce cancerous cells in no great amount. In light of Gaston Naessens’s theory that his somatids are DNA precursors, it is fascinating that the Norwegian researchers believe that the hordes upon hordes of viruses might account for DNA’s being inexplicably dissolved in seawater.

It builds up the immune system so that all the body’s natural defenses naessend regain the upper hand.

It seems that, with officialdom, it’s always a case of misinformation, or of bad faith. Shark cartilage seeks to asphyxiate a tumoral mass by stopping its naesens process. As previously indicated, the aqueous solution according to the invention acts on neoplastic cells and prevents them from secreting a substance which drives leucocytes and other phagocytic elements of the organism gaxton a state of negative chemotactism.


His disillusion in working in an ordinary laboratory for blood analysis spurred Gaston into deciding to go freelance as a researcher. The Image is reconstituted by the microscope. However, in OctoberHealth Canada told the manufacturer to remove all references to the compound from its website. The aqueous solution is in the form of a clear liquid, with an ammoniacal smell and an alkaline flavour, the pH of which is After the breast itself was surgically removed, Montjoint underwent a fifty-four-day course of radiation that caused horrible third-degree burns all over her chest.

In paradise, he was bestowed a gift granted to few, one that has allowed him to see far beyond our times and thus to make discoveries that may not properly be recognized until well into the next century. All of these forms have been revealed clearly and in detail by motion pictures, and by stop-frame still photography, at Naessens’s microscope.

In other words, cancer is treated like an infection, not a state of cells. Optimal results were recorded with a posology of 0.

The Somatoscope mixes light from two orthogonal light sources—a mercury lamp and a halogen lamp. So the medical “authorities” will no longer be the sole judges. More radiation not only could not alleviate the now excruciating narssens, but caused a blockage in the functioning of her kidneys and bladder.

Later, he built a home-made motorcycle and a mini-airplane! With all the harassment he was enduring while at the same time saving the lives of patients whose doctors could afford them little, or no, hope for recoveryNaessens was almost ready to emigrate from his mother country and find a more congenial atmosphere in which to pursue his work, with the privacy and anonymity that he had always cherished and still longs for.

Common sense indicates that if Naessens had a real treatment for a malady such as cancer, it would have been criminal not to put it at the disposition of the whole world!