Dear SAP CIN Experts,Good day. From my understanding, TR6 Challans are also used for Fees, Fines & Forfeiture duties charges. These charges are as set. Indicate appropriate type of duty and 8 digit. Reduced accounting code of the product/. Commodity). Description of 8-digit accounting. Duty code. Amount. Can any body tell me full form of GAR 7 like G for A for R for 7 for – G A R – 7 Full present with it challan (in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate as specified by.

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Our CA firm is paying service gaar7 app. The assessee code is a character identification number allotted by the system to the Central Excise or Service Tax assessee based on PAN number or a temporary number in cases where PAN could not be submitted. Who gets benefits from this website? The taxpayer need not personally go to the Bank to make the payment.

TR6/GAR7 Challan Charges for “Other Receipt”

Following points may be noted. Experts – Forum Experts – Articles. Assessee code is present in the directory. Discount after Supply F: This will ensure that the bank is not collecting and accounting indirect tax revenue for a Commissionerate for which it is not authorized.

Introduction to this web site. They are all one and fhallan same. Yet, the Banks are not accepting my payment, as har7 same is not in their database. The seal should provide the following information: This would serve as the taxpayer’s receipt for payment made. Clandestine manufacture and removal – The case of revenue is that sinc Last date for e-payment is 6 th day of month i.


The corresponding 8 digit Accounting Code and amount tendered against each type of duty should be mentioned. The banks, if they wish can give a printout of the entire details captured by them.

The transaction occurs in the books of accounts of the bank and the tax gets credited to the Government Account. R-7 Challan Form 1. A Seal of the Focal Point branch should be affixed in the space provided on the Challan along with signature of the authorised Signatory. This link is also provided on ACES website, viz. Where the taxpayer has sought withdrawal from the composition scheme, Is it required to sign the E-Challan?

What is Commissionerate code, Division code and Range Code? Audit Authority for Advance Rulings D. E-payment made upto 8 p. The two digit Commissioncrate Code, Division Code and Range Code should be clearly gae7 in the boxes provided for it. Please see instructions overleaf. If unresolved, the same may be brought to the knowledge of the Range Officer or a complaint can be lodged with aces.

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If acknowledgement is lost or misplaced, you can approach the concerned bank branch to issue a certificate of payment particulars including CIN. When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company? Supply of Services or not? Refer to a Friend Contact Us Feedback.


Sitemap Website Policies Feedback. We paid service tax through e- payment, but e-payment service tax challane not received.

Click here Kind attention Pr. The character assessee code will be available in the registration certificate issued to the assessee.

How to import your product? Assessee code is not present in the directory. If you are not a regular assesse with the department but needs to effect e-payment, you can obtain registration as “Non-assessee” by logging into http: The validation is mandatory and only successful entrants will be challah to proceed further.

Can BL date and let export date be same day? The serial number of the entry of the item in the scroll is to be recorded on the right hand top corner of the challan to facilitate identification and future reference. What happens if proper tracking of goods not effected in export import business? What is RMS in import. Challan Serial Number 5 digits given by the Branch for each transaction.