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Press reports document the assassinations of more than 21 Muslim clerics and youth leaders since early They can, for example, ask if you would like to participate in a jihad and gaaidi kind of weapons you would prefer to use. Skip to content For earlier issues see: But their efforts will not prevail over God.

Gaidi Mtaani, Issue 2. In the midst of the surge, the KDF’s problems in southern Somalia were small compared to the struggles emerging back home in Kenya. The United States trained elite Kenyan troops for this task, helping the country to establish a Ranger-style fighting force.

Intelligence gathered in early suggested that Al-Shabaab’s 5,strong militia was still largely intact and fully operational, that they had stockpiled weapons in anticipation of mounting a retaliatory assault once international forces had reduced in intensity, and that the loss of Kismayo made no difference to their capacity to function in southern Somalia.

Kenya at war: Al-Shabaab and its enemies in Eastern Africa | African Affairs | Oxford Academic

Mombasa’s Muslim leaders admit they struggle to control the younger elements, alienated by years of discrimination and marginalization within Kenya. When, in MayMadobe declared himself head of a new Jubaland state, claiming to have local support, Mogadishu refused to recognize his claim — seeing these events as nothing more than clan factionalism.


Usalama Watch was launched amid a flurry of public condemnation of the disloyalty of Kenya’s Somali population. Bruton and Williams, Counter-insurgency in Somaliapp. He returned in August as commander of Hizbuk-Islam with the Al-Shabaab forces that recaptured Kismayo, surviving only a few months until his Ras Kamboni Brigade split into factions and those affiliated with Al-Shabaab expelled him from the port.

The fact is that they are trying to misrepresent the mujahidin by spreading false information and magnifying their small mistakes to look like big crimes.

They are sowing a seed of hatred amongst them, their leaders and followers. The magazine depicts Al-Shabaab as fighting for the Mtaank. The spectacular assault by Al-Shabaab on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall, beginning on 21 Septemberprovided the most substantive indication of the challenges confronting Kenya’s beleaguered security forces.

It may be even necessary to change your contact details. Further attacks have consolidated this view: There was little resistance, and the port was easily secured.

New issue of the magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 8″

Status competition in Africa: Therefore, Muslims are urged not to rely on such news sources until they are validated by true Islamic sources. In these remote regions, the writ of the Kenya state has barely run for many years, and it is here that they will find Al-Shabaab’s resilience and opportunism most challenging.

That is the distinguishing factor. This is a proof that they can take land that duly belongs to Muslims and give it to their enemies. He might claim that he saw you in the mosque once. We conclude that while the military defeat of Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia seems inevitable, such a victory may become irrelevant to Kenya’s ability to make a political settlement matani its Somali and wider Muslim communities at home.


Al-Shabaab has reacted with gun, bomb, and grenade attacks against targets in Nairobi, Garissa, and other Kenya towns, most notorious among them the assault upon Nairobi’s prestigious Westgate shopping mall. The gang chanted Islamic slogans, selecting non-Muslim victims. It also gave the invasion far stronger international legitimacy. Suspects were asked to produce identification documents, but, according to human rights investigators, this led to massive and widespread abuses, with bribes being sought openly: At the peak, more than 6, security personnel were deployed, including the Kenya Police and its General Service Unit, the Administration Police another paramilitary unitand units from the Kenya Air Force.

Such an approach suggests that Al-Shabaab’s only purpose is to defend the Ummah. Since then, attacks have become a regular feature of life in the capital, targeting the general public as well as government personnel and institutions.

New issue of the magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 8″

According to Bruton and Williams, three factors conspired to determine Kenya’s invasion: Misleading rumours about the number and identity of the attackers were repeated by spokespersons, amid premature claims that the mall had been secured and the attackers killed.

Commentators have observed that it has brought to the fore a more extreme element, gaiddi to use violence in a less discriminating manner, striking at civilians and fellow Muslims. Gaidi Mtaani Issue 7. The ineptitude of the Kenyan security services is cleverly and effectively exploited in the pages of Gaidi Mtaani.