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In Viplav Sharma’s Writ Petition in addition to the challenges made by the writ petitioners in other two writ petitions, prayer has been made for a direction to the Governor of Bihar to administer oath to all the elected members of the 13th Legislative Assembly of the State of Bihar and make such assembly functional, purportedly in terms of Articles and of the Constitution and appoint the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers in terms of Article 1 of the Constitution.

In expounding the processes of the fundamental law, the Constitution must be treated as a logical whole. Live Pro static wheel. His freedom to elect a candidate of his choice is the foundation of a free and fair election.

It would also be appropriate to take note of very enlightening discussions in the Constituent Assembly which throw beacon light on the role of Governors, parameters of powers exercisable under Articles and of the Constitution.

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Floor test cannot always be a measure to restrain the corrupt means adopted and in cobbling the majority. Sarkaria Commission also made specific recommendations for amendment of the Constitution with a fhture to protecting the States from what could be perceived as a politically driven interference in self-governance of States. CFHE Static gobo wheel.

Up to the 19th century the functions of the State in England were confined to i defence of the country from foreign invasion, and ii maintenance of law and order within the country. Sir, I think the explanation given by my honourable Friend Mr. The common thread running through in all these decisions is that the Court should not interfere with the administrator’s decision unless it was illogical or suffers from procedural impropriety or was shocking to the conscience of the Court, in the sense that it was in defiance of logic or moral standards.


Criticism has also been levelled that the Union Government utilizes the Governor’s for its own political ends. Debi Ghosal and Ors.

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The majority of the House of Lords, except Lord Atkin, held that the Court could not sv980 because the Secretary of State had mentioned ffuture his order that he had reasonable cause to believe that Liversidge was a person of hostile origin or association. Uses holding rings for glass. Maitland pointed out in his Constitutional History:. There is nothing wrong in post poll adjustments and when ideological similarity weighs with any political party to support another political party though there was no pre-poll alliance, there is nothing wrong in it.

In the discharge of this responsibility, they are required to exercise their “individual judgment” after consulting their Council of Ministers. As you are aware after the Assembly Elections in February this year, none of the political parties either individually or with the then pre-election combination or with post election alliance combination could stake a claim to form a popular Government since they could not claim a support of a simple majority of in a House of and hence the President was pleased to issue a proclamation under Article of the Constitution vide notification No.

This is the Wednesbury 1 KB test. Glass might need holding ring to 49mm. The scope of judicial review is limited to the deficiency in decision-making process and not the decision. The court would also consider whether the decision was absurd or perverse.

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With regard to the suggestion made by the honourable Dr. Of course it is left open to the Governor to seed the advice of the Ministers even in this sphere. The speed of the fan of course the noice can be continuously reduced if very quiet performance is required.


The Governor has clearly indicated the source from which he came to know about the efforts to form the Government by illegal means. I, as Governor of Bihar, am not able to form a popular Government in Bihar, because of the situation created by the election results mentioned above.

Glue black side to the square holder if using round glass. In scc980 light of the same, the President was pleased to issue a proclamation under Article of the Constitution vide notification No.

A Governor shall act as the agency of the Centre and will see that the Central policy is sincerely carried out. Clearly in many cases including those arising out of States Re-organisation it would appear that the President’s Rule was inevitable. The Commission recommends that in clause 5 of Article of the Constitution, in sub- clause a the word “and” occurring at the end should be substituted by “or” so that even without the State being under a proclamation of Emergency, President’s rule may be continued if elections cannot be held.

A Governor has been assigned the role of a Constitutional sentinel and a vital link between the Union and the State.

Alpha Spot Alpha Profile fixed wheel. Though erroneous it cannot be termed as llght or irrational. Black expressed a critical tenet of democratic theory when he wrote: The Governor is quite free to accept or to reject the advice so tendered.

In Kihoto Hollohan v. Don’t use blackline holding ring it gets too thick. Circlip feeds in from mirror side, 1.

Though the Governor made reference to some horse trading or allurements the same was clearly on the basis of untested materials without details. The manner in which they exercised these functions has had a direct impact on Union- State relations.