TWITTER –> the-waiting-years-by-fumiko-enchihtml&amp. The Waiting Years is a novel by Fumiko Enchi, set within the milieu of an upper class Japanese family in the last years of the 19th century. It was first published. This masterpiece by prominent post?World War II female novelist Fumiko Enchi won the Noma Prize for Literature in It is the Meiji era (?

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May 04, Mandy Tanksley rated it yeard it Shelves: Unafraid to explore the need for sensuality in the older woman, or sexual manipulation as a weapon of the downtrodden, Enchi is a brave author who continues to feel very modern.

Litlove — for your work on motherhood, Enchi might be a fantastic study.

Change Can’t Come Fast Enough Within ‘The Waiting Years’

A close examination of the unjustness of traditional Japanese societal expeditions demonstrated unfairness towards females. Aug 11, Praj rated it really liked it Shelves: No more will his quilts be spread besides hers. There is not a word wasted. Con solo dos novelas se ha convertido en una de mis escritoras orientales preferidas: Not only was she a dutiful wife, but a wise mother, astute mistress of the household and a loving grandmother ,yet, in all these roles she misplaced her inner-self somewhere ; the woman in Tomo was lost amongst her societal obligations.

Enchi Fumiko – The Waiting Years

Consequently, he was able to forbid any relations with other men or to bring her back in case that she would run away: The main character is Tomo, the wife of a mid ranking official.

Fumiko suffered from poor health as a child and spent most of her time at home. Povestea o are in centrul ei pe Tomo, tanara sotie a unui demnitar japonez care e trimisa in Tokyo cu o misiune: There’s no murder or sudden betrayals. In other words, a concubine. There’s a weightiness to the sentences that hints at the weariness and age of Tomo, p Oh, heartbreak.


The description of Suga is very beautiful, though also very clinical. The novel centres on Tomo, the wife of a wealthy, ruthless, promiscuous man. American Studies – Literature. Tomo’s feeling of disposability informs one of the most moving moments in the book, which to detail would constitute a spoiler.

Read it slowly, and then maybe flip through it again. Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: Tomo tries to waitng the affair: There are speculations that her domestic life was not entirely happy certainly in her novels there are a wajting of oppressed, unhappy or revengeful women. There’s also the fact that all this suffering is rooted in a single man.

Twitter Facebook Flattr Email Google. I loved that we get very close into the heads of the women, offering insights that I never felt I got when I read the other big name Fjmiko authors – who happen to be mostly male. Sep 02, Monica.

The daughter of a uears, Fumiko learned a lot about French, English, Japanese and Chinese literature through private tutorage. In the following years, Yukitomo ignores more and more the sexual and emotional needs of his wife. Yuki- tomo considers her to be like an elder sister even though she is ten years younger There’s a restlessness lurking in the text later on-it’s a subtle current that seems to indicate changing times. This friendship lasts until the marriage of the Shirikawa’s mentally disabled son named Michimasa.

The work spans perhaps 40 years showing the experience of Tomo Shirikawai, the perfect wife wwiting this authoritarian politician and husband. Encih novel reveals how the family system of Meiji Japan leads to an exploitation of the women and treats various problems which the protagonist Tomo Shirakawa faces.

Notify me of new comments via email. A critical fhe of African Feminism as an exponent of Feminis Mar 30, Lesley rated it really liked it Shelves: Feminism in Slave Wxiting.


I didn’t like this as much as I did Masksbecause here I sensed a writer struggling to taper the motive for lack of a better word lurking behind her words, hence it misses the lyrical subtleties and layered nuance of Masks, but the discussion and dissection of cultural attitude is one of discerning awareness that captivates.

And as sad as it is, it really has something to say about women and their strength against male superiority. But those men are no allies of the women Shirakawa oppresses.

The Waiting Years – Wikipedia

This masterpiece by prominent post? At the same time, she finds uneasy solace in the notion that male providers — as long as they are publicly “moral” — can do what they please in private. Apr 05, Andrea N rated it it was amazing. Often what’s wrong in this book is relatively less wrong.

The story centers on a wife named Tomo, and follows through the aching years of her marriage until her death. GRIN Publishing, located in Munich, Germany, has specialized since its foundation in in the publication of academic ebooks and books. Tomo suffers on jealousy toward Suga, but feels pitty toward her, too. Yet those dramatic external changes do not seem to impact family life as much as one might hope.

The Best Jazz of The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi brings an in-depth look at the lives of four women in a male-dominated Japanese society.

I would recommend this book so to make up your own mind whether you would enjoy it or not, because I think that in this particular case, it is very much up to each individual.