Being FTF on a geocache is an exciting experience. You get to discover the newly published geocache prior to everyone else in the community. FTF Geocacher Magazine – the magazine for geocachers written BY geocachers. FTF offers practical advice, hints & tips, cacher bios & milestones, geocaching. Welcome to FTF Magazine’s Subscriber-Only. SECRET STORE! Here we will offer special deeply discounted items from time to time as a added bonus for your .

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If you get a good answer, click the checkbox on the geocached to select it as the best answer. The last thing I can think of having only just woken up is that they usually offer a unique Pathtag or two for renewing. Maybe if enough people get into it then it will go monthly?

FTF Geocacher Magazine Contest

It is printed in DIN A5 format, full color. I don’t want to subscribe if the magazine is not worth it. Dec 1, Version This app does not work. With your subscription, not only should you be getting a print copy, but a digital issue as well.

I came across two: So I was looking up magazines for Geocaching. Huntzz – Treasure Hunts. If you don’t get clear answers, edit your question to make it clearer. New application platform Maggio reader for use on multiple devices 5X page resolution with lower page download sizes New library and issue management.


Information Seller Keith Petrus. Upvote answers or questions that have helped you. Additionally, while there are advertisements they’re not obtrusive and they don’t take up whole pages. Submit a new link. Compatibility Requires iOS 7. My only complaint is that it’s bi-monthly 6 issues a year. I’ve only seen the first issue which felt decent but not quite off the ground yet.

I would also recommend lower prices for digital issues–as prices seem as high gdocacher print.? In Czech Geocacer http: The “cacher tales” are hilarious. There’s one regular feature about a guy and his wife. It is a great mag.

Does anyone have a picture of some random article from any issue from FTF? Nothing will load it! Some are as small as a dime, others are big enough to walk into, all of frf provide a unique adventure. Especially if its packed with content.

There’s some good articles about specific caches in there, and also a guide for beginners. No memes No advertising products without approval Self-promotion must follow reddit’s spam rules Be nice! Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


There is a gocacher magazine German as well which is offered for EUR 12,50 per year while the autumn issue issue 10 seems to be free of charge. I pulled my very first issue off the shelf just so I could take some pictures of it for you.

Snug Harbor Bay: FTF Geocacher Magazine

Thanks for your input. Want to add to the discussion? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Haven’t seen an actual one nor do I have pictures, but from the pictures I’ve seen, and people I’ve talked to about it, it seems pretty good and legit. There are over 3 million active caches around the world. If you are interested in some specific newspaper, please comment on that particular answer or on the original question. I’ve read ftc last year or so and like it this far. But they really do pack gdocacher lot of content into it.