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The tradition of liturgical music has always reserved for the Mother of God the most beautiful lyrics and melodies, masterpieces such as the Gregorian Mass IXthe hymn Ave Maris Stella, or the solemn antiphon Salve Reginaare just a few of these. Some songs also provide for the participation of the Assembly which is entrusted with the repetition of the antiphon or other forms of Gregorian chant.

This collection of songs celebrates the Easter season and the Solemnity as composed and orchestrated by Marco Frisina. These texts are most beautiful and most of all there is nothing more beautiful than to sing: We cannot hide the wealth that the Gospel of Christ gives to all men.

These songs follow a route through the small Marian celebrations of the liturgical year, with particular attention to the texts of the hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours. John of the Cross, ” The Living Flame of Love,” reminds us that the soul of Christ in love fears nothing, neither ffisina nor suffering, because love nourishes the believer’s heart and fills it with singing, that melody sublime that comes from the breath of the Spirit.

Marco Frisina

In this album are collected 11 compositions by Marco Frisina. Two other songs are taken from the Oratorio “On the Road to Emmaus” and celebrate the risen Christ also invoking His saving presence. So were born the psalms and canticles of the Bible.

Showing His perfections every, creature sings the praises of God. That’s why an English title and also because of these songs there is the wonderful “Jesus is my life,” the text in English was written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Christ is one with His Church, walks with his bride, and she accompanies him through the streets of history, in the midst of difficulties and the storms, the triumphs and defeats, never leaves, especially in difficult times and painful.


It is no coincidence that I wanted to include, in addition to the texts of the songs, the Latin text with its corresponding Gregorian melody. Through the pain you go to glory, through the humiliation we reach the triumph of God over sin and the world.

In recent years, the Pope has given us a wonderful model of priestly life and above all has given many speeches and ideas for prayer and reflection on the priesthood of great beauty and importance.

I offer it to all of you to share its beauty and share my joy. Next to the sung text, I wanted to include a translation so that everyone can enjoy the richness of the words chosen by the Christian poets who composed those hymns and the prayers.

There are both more complicated songs and simple songs, designed for different choirs: Alfonso de Liguori, in their turn to become singers and witnesses of the Incarnate Word. It is a hymn of thanksgiving and praise that spreads to all id members of the Church and uniting in a single mysterious melody different voices from all parts of the world, from all nations, from all languages.

This proposal aims to express the joy of Easter songs and the wonder of the believer before the beauty of the gift of the Spirit whose seven gifts fill our heart and brighten the face of the earth.

There are two texts that I love very much and that maybe are not well knownand I believe should be disclosed in our Christian communities to make their own faith and love in them testified. The richness of these texts is extraordinary and we viat learn how to keep them frisiba only in the written statement but especially in the use of concrete prayer and liturgical chant: Christ is the center of our lives, we draw strength from him and to him we turn in times of difficulty and pain, living in him we live our faith in the sacraments and in prayer, we rejoice with him when we live the unique experience nuovva the Church as communion and firsina alive and active in the world.


As always, this proposal is part nupva the songs from the texts frislna the Liturgy and the Word of God offer us. Frisinz my nearly thirty years of priestly life, these texts have nurtured my spiritual life and have raised awareness of the beauty of the vocation.

All those who suffer, who are lost and confused, all those who have no other refuge but in God, in the Cross are their hope and their consolation where God offers forgiveness and reconciliation to the world as the giver of life and also for the one who destroys and rapes, where there reigned a king whose victory is made of forgiveness and love.

In these texts to the music, I wanted to express the various spirits of Christmas. This album pzne songs that follow the liturgical year in order to solemnize some important celebrations.

Marco Frisina – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

The hymn to Mater Misericordia reminds us of the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of grace and mercy, that is with us in everyday life and under whose mantle we can find refuge and comfort.

Psalm 33 is a typical text that expresses the wonder and joy of the believer who sees the love of God himself as a gift of grace in the Eucharist.

This meeting is enough to fill your life, to fill the hearts of men so that there is no longer need for other goods to be happy. I wanted to insert two traditional melodies: The final judgment, recounted in the Gospel of Matthew, presents us with the mystery of the presence of Jesus among us.

The Church sings the face and beauty of the only Son of the Father whose infinite love led him to lay down his life for us.