Complete summary of Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Analysis and discussion of characters in Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. “Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay”, a slightly creaking comedy, is now most noted for having anticipated television. One of Friar Bacon’s tricks (his namesake.

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By my troth, Margaret, here’s a weather is able to make a man call his father whoreson. Fiends frown’d to see a man their overmatch; Bacon might boast more than a man might boast!

Bacon hath with his bacln Enchanted him, or else some strange disease Or apoplexy hath possess’d his lungs. A trusty man, that court it for your friend; Woo you still for the courtier all in green?

Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay – Wikipedia

But give me leave to counsel me a time, For fancy blooms not at the first assault; Give me but ten days’ respite, and I will reply, Which or to whom myself affectionates.

What have you fit for breakfast? Tellingly, the play fruar have been written inthe year after the Spanish Armada.

Now, courteous gentles, if the Keeper’s girl Hath pleas’d the liking fancy of you both, And with her beauty hath frjar your thoughts, ‘Tis doubtful to decide the question. I grant, my lord, the damsel is as fair As simple Suffolk’s homely towns can yield.

D K Powell July friad, at 2: Why, Ned, I think the devil be in my sheath; I cannot get out my dagger. But leaving that, let’s hie to Bacon straight, To see if he will take this task in hand. Give me your hand, we are near a pedlar’s shop. The figures begin to speak.


But how if I be a wrought smock?

Words from Ian McKellen

Stand to him, Bungay, charm this Vandermast, And I will use thee as a royal king. And as the college called Brazen-nose. A Study in Greene: Why, Master Brazen-head, have you such a capital nose, and answer you with syllables, Time is! Whose beauty, temper’d with her huswifery, Makes England talk of merry Fressingfield!

What means the English prince to wrong my man? The proudest of you all draw your weapon, if he can.

Great lords have come and pleaded for my love: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Well, I will watch, and walk up and down, and be a peripatetian and a philosopher of Aristotle’s stamp. Well, Master Burden, what of all this! Why, are not you one of my master’s devils, that were wont to come to my master, Doctor Bacon, at Brazen-nose?

Now that we are gather’d in the Regent-house, It fits us talk about the king’s repair, For he, trooped with all the western kings, That lie along the Dantzic seas by east, North by the clime of frosty Germany, The Almain monarch, and the Saxon duke, Castile and lovely Elinor with him, Have in their jests resolv’d for Oxford town. If it please your honour, we are all ready at an inch.

The figures in the glass disappear. You talk of nos autem glorificare; but here s a nose that I warrant may be called nos autem populare for the people of the parish.

Thy fool disguis’d cannot conceal thyself. Keep that to thee till time doth serve thy turn. Have I not pass’d frriar far in state of schools, And read of many secrets? Did not you say that he should tell strange principles of philosophy? And what of this? God be with you, sir; I’ll take bbungay a book in my hand, a wide-sleeved gown on my back, and a crowned cap on my head, and see if I can want promotion.


Now rest there, Miles. Be what he will, his lure is but for lust. Why, thou canst not speak one word of true Latin. The supposed edition, sometimes encountered, is simply a mistaken copy of Mrs. You, Beccles man, will not forsake us now?

We cannot stay, my lord; an if friwr be so strict, Our leisure grants us not to woo afresh. To see the frir of women; that be they never so near God, yet they love to die in a man’s arms. Note on the e-text: A company of scabs!

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The date of authorship of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay cannot be fixed with certainty on the basis of the available evidence; the play is normally dated to the —92 period. Fast-fancied to the Keeper’s bonny lass. Marry, sir, three or four as honest devils and good companions as any be in hell. Sirens, with harps and silver psalteries, Shall wait with music at thy frigate’s stem, And entertain fair Margaret with their lays. An if thou kill me, think I have a son.

He goes out again. When heaven’s bright shine is shadow’d with a fog? I cannot flatter; try me, if thou please.