Letters by a Modern Mystic has ratings and 46 reviews. Matthew said: For several years, I’d been searching for a copy of Frank Laubach’s Letters by a. Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic. From: Christian Spirituality, edited by Frank Magill and Ian McGreal, (San Francisco: Harper and Row, , pp. Excerpts from Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic in which describes his attempt to live in continuous inner conversation with God — what he called The.

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I will read it again, you can be sure. This little book details lettera prayer technique and practice of Frank Laubach. Article Tags laubachwith-godeach one teach oneintimacy with godbook reviewdiscipleship. I feel closer to God and am more aware of His presence throughout the day. Posthumously, his face was on a U.

What might you experience in the practice of such a spiritual discipline? But I have responded to Laubach’s challenge, though not yet attempting the full game with minutes. We can keep two things in mind at once.

Life of William Cary by George Smith – ebook. Mind is a flowing something. Christ Liveth in Me and Game with Minutes.

Letters by a Modern Mystic

Reflecting upon the results of two lahbach of strenuous effort to keep God in mind every minute, he exclaims: I suppose that’s what attracts me to and confuses me about mysticism wherever I’ve encountered it.

Read about the remarkable results! I am feeling God in each movement, by an act of will—willing that He shall direct these fingers that now strike this typewriter—willing that He shall pour through my steps as I walk—willing that He shall direct my words as I speak, and my very jaws as I eat! I was pleasantly surprised at Laubach’s equanimity when it came to Islam v.


One of his most widely influential devotional works was a pamphlet entitled “The Game with Minutes. Overall it’s probably 3. Loved this man’s passion to know God; only the Holy Spirit could move a man to undertake the challenge to know God in every moment of life.

Excerpts from a series of letters dated from January 3, through January 2, A “Mystic,” he is called in the title of this work, yet he was such an activist that he developed literacy primers in more than 1, languages in more than countries. It also requires determination to keep it there. I was so excited to find that Willard had worked to bring this journey to the heart of God into print so that we all might enjoy.

Letters by a Modern Mystic recounts Frank Laubach’s spiritual journey as he began such an experiment, while serving in the s as a lonely missionary on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. There, in the village of Lanao, he underwent a remarkable series of experiences of God, and simultaneously developed a technique for reducing the Moro language to writing, with symbols closely correlated to their spoken words.

I first heard of Frank C.

Letters by a Modern Mystic : Frank C. Laubach :

Always a modest, hard-working man, he had his face on the covers of such magazines laubah Time and The Saturday Review of Literature, and was never phased. Amazon Inspire Letterd Educational Resources. I liked,the premise of this journal – trying to attain a constant awareness of God, but it was more a report of how well it was working than a diary of what he was doing to accomplish it.


Jan 31, Cynthia Egbert rated it really liked it.

If the way out is not more perfect slavery to God, then what is the way out? And as I talked and tasted the sweetness of the luscious franj, and told God that this was for me the masterpiece of His laubac, he told me through my own voice: I let my modedn go loose and from it there flowed poetry far more beautiful than any I ever composed.

There is this amazing connection that I am having with God right now. Thankfully, bythis edition had been made available, and I ate it up! Once I received the book, however, I put it off for several months. He conceived a simple method of instruction that permitted even the most disadvantaged people in the world not only to learn to read but also to be able to teach others.