Shadowdale has ratings and 91 reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: Okay, I picked this up because our D&D group is or has begun a game in (cue portent. Shadowdale (Forgotten Realms: Avatar Trilogy, Book One) [Richard Awlinson, Jeff Easley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When the. Shadowdale (Forgotten Realms: Avatar Trilogy, Book 1) [Scott Ciencin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An all-new version of one of the.

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Shadowdale – Wikipedia

The characters did become a bit familia I do like the dragonlance series and have read so many books in the forgotten realms. The characters did become a bit familiar although I could not really forgotyen with any of them. I thought I had scored a find. Views Read Edit View history. The gods walk the Realms. I first read Shadowdale around 20 years ago, and certain scenes stuck with me from then right until the moment I re-read them days ago with a boyish grin on my face.

Thrust into the centre of this chaos are four heroes, one of whom carries a pendant containing the essence of the fallen goddess of magic. Fortunately, the story takes shape later on.


This is where my almost certainly false idea about why the book was published under a pseudonym originates. There’s something about a threat to the city of Arabel, but it isn’t well explained. Also wrote under the pseudonyms Nick Baron and L. View all 5 comments. I will not throw out any spoilers, but Kelemvor’s secretis fairly weak and random. Mystra’s ill-fated confrontation with Helm on the Celestial Stairway, Elminster’s battle with Bane in the Temple of Lathander – they have an enduring, mythic quality that ultimately transcends the novel’s technical shacowdale.

Perhaps I was interested in the book because it is slightly educational for me This is a 2. Don’t get me wrong, these boys are important people: As a result all of the gods were cast out of the heavens and into the Realms as punishment and were to wonder around until the culprit stepped forward which, being evil gods, they did not.


It was once suggested to me by a source who will remain nameless that many of the changes these books made to the setting were done without much consulting with the other authors; a few works in progress had to be changed if not all but scrapped to shadowvale for the new state of things. There were many characters, gods and humans and worshipers alike and none of them was interesting or well-written. Ao is pissed because of the theft of his Tablets of Fate, yet when the theft was clearly done by the hands of evil gods, Ao takes gorgotten sides and punished both good and evil without a second thought.

I’m still unsure why I finished reading it – and because I finished it, I gave it two stars. View all 6 comments.

Unfortunately, the way the human protagonists are introduced and brought together is as clumsy as the handling of the shadowdle. For characters bound to become gods, I felt that their stories and personalities were a bit weak.

I’m trying to judge these books based off my current reading and not factor in that this is the infantile stage of the world.

Realms Helps – Shadowdale

But for the occasional guy it wont disappoint. Before we know it, the heroes are unconvincingly thrown together and set out on a quest to xhadowdale the mistress of a young woman, who becomes mysteriously ill in the presence of Midnight and her newfound pendant. Feb 22, Alexander Stormborn rated it it was ok Shelves: I really have no problem with it.

And well, do not even get my started on Elminister, who does appear in this book. And in that I believe this book is pretty good more or less a 7 out of Wake syadowdale the Ravager Dark Sun Online: American fantasy novels Forgotten Realms novel series Forgotten Realms stubs. Perhaps I’ll find out if this anything to do with the overall plot arc in the next book of the trilogy – Tantras.


Shadowdale (module) – Wikipedia

Richard Awlinson Avatar Project Pseudonym. This book was well written and keeps forgootten attention. The characters are all inconsistent and bipolar, randomly doing an Oy, beyond oy, vae and gevalt! This book had a strong enough set up to keep me reading it.

Hopefully I can make it through the next two books of the Avatar Trilogy. Storia potenzialmente molto interessante, ma sviluppata in maniera non molto convincente. It’s perhaps unfortunate that a young and inexperienced author was chosen to pen a novel detailing such an influential Realm-shaking event: And the search begins in Shadowdale.

Third person omniscient narration did not help either. So far so good, but it would be a bit more interesting if it wouldn’t follow the standard TSR books formula of character introduction, a monster fight, character development, monster fight, character development, monster fight ad nauseum. Unfortunately, the story suffers in the execution.

The theft of these tablets was the actual cause of the Time of Troubles forgottne all the gods with the exception of Helm were cast to Toril and faiths and magic ran wild. Return to Book Page. As the gods wondered around the world they, as can be expected, came into conflict with each other, as well as setting themselves up in their favourite spots.