The Forever War has ratings and reviews. Will said: This is a bleeding, personal image of real-world horror. Filkins dots his canvas largely in. National BestsellerOne of the Best Books of the Year:New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, and Time An instant. Review: The Forever War by Dexter FilkinsThe drama and urgency of Dexter Filkins’ writing is superb, says Peter Beaumont.

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His prose is as blunt as it is powerful. The versions of conflict we consume tend to be regimented, organised and packaged in a way that belies its chaotic nature.

He never seemed to have lost the journalist quest for finding all components of The Story; that is the beauty of this book. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Jan 29, brian rated it wad liked it Recommends it for: They could hit a guy at five hundred yards or cut his throat from ear-to-ear. One of the most affecting parts of the book involves a young serviceman who is killed helping Filkins and his photographer get a story, and Filkins’s meeting with the man’s parents, who generously insist that he’d only been doing his xexter.

Recommended for those curious about exactly what’s going on at street level in these under reported wars. I cannot think of a better more entertaining suggestion than to pick up this book. Here, as with so many of Filkin’s vignettes, there’s a sort of invisible, edxter ‘wtf’ hovering between the lines.

When he’s interviewing a 19 year-old American soldier from Pearland, Texas, the pages fill with the soldier’s optimism, hope and unquestioning obedience to his waf, not Filkin’s east-coast, Harvard educated sensibilities. The Forever War doesn’t give a chronological time line of the war on terror, or even a history or reason for the conflict up to this point.

It will fikins with me forever. If you were a novelist you could not—you would not—invent him. See all 7 questions about The Forever War….

I had to stop several times to allow myself to digest what I’d read and attempt to distance myself again before continuing. When the planes hit the wwr on September 11, it all came together.

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This Iraqi Army-led operation will deny the insurgents use of the Saddam Hospital. Iraqis determined to keep their country in chaos.

The Forever War by Dexter Filkins

It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Can I get this book for free? One of the old ones, from the nineteenth century, where people were dumped and forgotten. Visceral, smart, funny, and pained the acknowledgements mention, in passing, that these experiences destroyed his marriagewith wwr, memorable images of devastation and meaningless absurdity mixed with short-short stories–a fitting equal to Herr’s Dispatches, and also sneakily alluding, I would guess The best book yet on Iraq, from a Taliban execution in to the WTC, where Filkins sees an intestine dexfer on the ground, to Iraq, where an attempt to get the story gets a Marine killed.

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Others are in the middle of firefights. Thousands and thousands of them: When he accompanies the Dexte Marines or army on missions such as the assault on Falluja, he doesn’t narrate in the first person plural, instead The Forever War is possibly the best journalistic account in book form yet of the War, occupation forevsr insurgency in Iraq. But because he does not hide his commitments neither does he parade themthe reader can sense when he is trying to stretch himself towards Afghans and Iraqis.

H ow to describe war?

The Forever War

Sorry if this sounds like a mess as a result. The old adage holds that every army fights the previous war, learning nothing and forgetting nothing, as someone said of the restored Bourbon dynasty in France.

One of the stories he tells is about a doctor in a hospital in Iraq after the invasion. He lives in New York City. Juliana This book can be obtained for free as a loan from your public library both as paper as well as audiobook. Miscreants are variously mutilated and killed before a traumatized audience that includes a hysterical crowd of starveling war orphans whose brutalized, maimed futures in an endlessly war-ravaged country can be imagined. Good shit happens too, but it needs nurturing, time, and a whole pile o’ shit-ass luck, especially when what was broken is used to seeing it all go down through a different set of goggles.

His description of time spent with the battalion commander Lieutenant-Colonel Nathan Sassaman in Balad is particularly strong. See and discover other items: His writing is one of the scant good things to come out of the war.


Filkins may have been fundamentally an observer but he manages to write about his experiences in a way that draws the reader into the middle of the action.

Generally when I pick up a book with blurbs filled with praise as over the top as the ones covering this volume, I end up hating the book and ripping it to shreds. Feb 02, Neil Fox rated it really liked it.

The Forever War by Dexter Filkins

It is very explicitly not a political book. And a resolution to the troubles is long overdue.

Filkins’s tenure in Iraq did not extend filoins the end of the first insurgency. Any American who has spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan will tell you: Rarely anything I saw. Masked men aren’t going to beat down my door in the waar of the night and drag my husband away to a torture chamber, never to be seen again.

The conflict in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the Middle East – is the forever war.

: The Forever War (): Dexter Filkins: Books

This is a must read for anyone interested in the reality o This is a bleeding, personal image of real-world horror. It pretty much avoids the political background and concentrates on the foreground, people he knows, events in which he plays a part.

Well, it WAS crazy. Open Preview Dextfr a Problem? Are you still in touch with servicemen and women you were embedded with, or any Iraqis you met there? On the other hand, anyone espousing the more simple-minded pacifism of the purblind left fofever bound to be equally troubled by Filkin’s reporting.

Like one woman explains, during those times it was as if one malignant sun rained down hatred on fillins, but it was possible to escape those deadly rays If there should ever be required reading on the present day conflict in Iraq, The Forever War should hold a place at the top of that list.